slack integration

Stay connected with your customer from every messaging platform

Connect the incoming customer enquiries and sales leads from WOZTELL and manage all the conversations on Slack

Why integrate WOZTELL
with Slack?

WOZTELL wants your team to use the tool you are already familiar with and Slack is already one of the most popular enterprise-levelanywhere internal messenger in the world.

All incoming conversations from the most popular messaging platform like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and WeChat are relaying to Slack. Your agent can connect with their customers without hassles, on both desktop and mobile, any time and anywhere.

woztell slack integration

Quick & Easy Setup

Integrate Woztell Inbox with one click.
Connect to your preferred platform(s).


Live Chat Mode & Chatbot Mode.
View Conversation in Real-time.
Ticketing System.

Useful Shortcuts

Live Chat Control.
Member Tags.
WhatsApp Message Templates.

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Main Feature


Omnichannel Inbox

All chatbot and live chat conversations will be displayed directly on Slack, where the agent can reply directly to customers in both text, media and template messages.

Slack Omnichannel Inbox
Slack ticketing feature


Conversation Alert (Ticketing)

When the customers are in need of any assistance, the agents will be alerted in the ticketing channels, where they can accept live chat requests and handle customer issues instantly.


Performance Dashboard

Administrator can monitor agent’s performance or details regarding a specific ticket. All the conversation data, average response and resolution time are logged in the dashboard.
Slack Performance Dashboard
Slack whatsapp features


Chatbot Assistant

You can create chatbots to assign live chat requests automatically to different teams on Slack. Template messages can also be created on WOZTELL, so that agent can send professional and standardized answers to customers, improving efficiency and quality.


Customer Insights

The member tags of each customer are displayed in the inbox, so that the agents understand their interest based on the chatbot conversations. Agent can also proactively add a tag to customer for future follow-up and target audience segmentation.
Slack Analytics Feature

Log into WOZTELL and connect your Slack Workspace in a few clicks!

In Woztell we help you achieve your commercial objectives through conversations.

omnichannel conversational platform

Don’t have a WOZTELL and a Slack account? No worries, both platforms are free. Start connecting with all your customers on a powerful omni-channel inbox by creating an account with us now!