How to send Facebook and WhatsApp push notifications

Every day, an increasing number of companies are ditching email marketing and embracing the world of push notifications. Those little message boxes on our mobiles are the new hit among marketers, and with good reason!

Compared to email, push notifications get an open rate of over 50% and retention rates of up to 93% (MoEngage, 2021).

For some time now, we have found that this is one of the most frequently used functions by our customers.

 They try it once and the results are so overwhelmingly positive that they start applying it to their communication strategies.

 So we are going to show you how to implement it for your own communications.

On which platforms can you send Facebook and WhatsApp push notifications?

The scope of push notifications is as broad as you can imagine.

Every app wants users to accept its notifications, just like a website asks you to allow cookies. Annoying or not, it helps to filter audiences that are actually interested in the content.

However, in our case we focus on push notifications on Social Networks. That is, Facebook and WhatsApp.

We offer you a way to send push notifications to all your customers’ favorite channels from a single platform.

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Uses for push notifications

If you are intrigued about what you can do with Facebook and WhatsApp push notifications (or about how other businesses use them), we’ve got you.

One of the main purposes of this type of communication is to enhance retention.  

Many businesses focus on acquiring an increasing the number of new customers, while forgetting about making sure that the current ones stay.

We believe that for all that takes to make a customer, there should be an effort to ensure they last for more than one transaction.

However, you can also use them during the sales process to reduce cart abandonment rates.

Let us see some use cases for these notifications:

We all want the products we buy online to arrive as soon as possible. Now, with a timely push notification you can update your customers on the status of the shipment. Isn’t that nice?

Push Notification Update


So, do you have stock of a highly demanded product? Or perhaps you are about to release a new collection… a push notification is the way to reach your target audience.

Push Notification Announcement

Promotions and offers
The time and effort that goes into planning a promotion is no small feat. Add Facebook and WhatsApp push notifications to your strategy to see how they skyrocket.

Push Notification Promotion

Seal the deal

Cart abandonment rates are a headache for every business. How about sending a coupon to a customer to nudge them to continue shopping?

Push Notification Seal the Deal

This is how you send Facebook and WhatsApp push notifications with our platform

If we have convinced you (or you were already convinced and just wanted the tutorial), this is the part where we show you how to create audiences and send push notification campaigns.

Step by step
  1. Log in to your WOZTELL account or sign up for free if you don’t have one
  2. Configure a WhatsApp channel in our platform. It is essential to have a WhatsApp Business Platform number to link
  3. Make sure that your WhatsApp Business Platform number is live and you have verified your Facebook Messenger Business
  4. In the case of WhatsApp, create a WhatsApp template to send. We strongly recommend this option. It is common to not have the 24-hour window open for live chat, and therefore a template allows you to send a business-initiated message that reopens the conversation
  5. To create a new audience, you can select existing members or import them if you have not had a previous conversation with them
  6. Create the audience, selecting a few members or a group of members (this option is optimal for sending larger deliveries)
  7. Configure push notification with selected audiences, time and day, and WhatsApp template to send as a message
  8. Once the platform finalizes the push, you will have access to the results that give you the option to analyze them.
Or you can watch our step-by-step video tutorial to set up your push notification in less than 5 minutes:

Things to keep in mind when you send Facebook and WhatsApp Push notifications

We want your communications to be successful, and this comes hand in hand with following policies that ensure the quality of your business.

In addition to being good practices, you should follow them in order to have a smooth push of your notifications.

Let us look at two of the main rules that dictate how the Facebook and WhatsApp Business Platform work.

The use of WhatsApp message templates allows businesses to automate messages, and even integrate them into a chatbot. If you implement them, you can also create dynamic parameters to configure for each conversation.

GPDR compliance

There is no exception to this rule: the customer must make the first contact via Facebook and, above all, WhatsApp.

Meta requires companies to follow these guidelines to comply with European regulations. This is a great opportunity for companies to better qualify their potential customers and have an audience that really wants to hear from them.

 WhatsApp message templates 

Now we are going to focus on WhatsApp and the type of messages specific to WhatsApp Business Platform.

The API version is the only one that allows the use of buttons and list messages to enrich them. The dynamic templates have to be pre-approved by WhatsApp and fall into 11 categories:

  • Account update
  • Auto-reply
  • Personal finance update
  • Ticket update
  • Alert update
  • Issue resolution
  • Reservation update
  • Transportation update
  • Appointment update
  • Payment update
  • Shipping update
The use of WhatsApp message templates allows businesses to automate messages, and even integrate them into a chatbot. If you implement them, you can also create dynamic parameters to configure for each conversation.

To wrap it up

We want you to get your best results, and Facebook and WhatsApp push notifications are one of the most powerful allies you can get.

To give you an example: we sent a WhatsApp push notification to our database for a webinar and multiplied the registrations x5 compared to the previous one.  

It is possible, and you can get it right now for free.

Put the tutorial into practice!

Get your free WhatsApp Business API number to take your conversations to the next level.