Everything you need to know about creative push notifications on WhatsApp

Today our only goal is to let you know why and how you can send creative push notifications on WhatsApp. Are you ready to find out?

Push notifications are a marketing tool for any type of device, mobile or computer. It is the best way to connect with users and send important and urgent messages directly to their hands.

By employing WhatsApp Business Platform, you can use push notifications to drive engagement, influence conversions and more.

However, there are different ways to use push notifications and that’s why we created this guide. Read on to find out how they work, why to use them and how to make creative push notifications.

What are push notifications?

Simple: a push notification is a message that you can send directly to the home screen of a mobile device or to the notification panel of a computer (although we are going to focus on the case of mobiles).

Push notifications are much more effective than email and other methods of customer communication due to their fast delivery and high read rate.

You can send creative push notifications on WhatsApp

The days of businesses using SMS and email notifications are long gone, it’s time to start using creative push notifications from WhatsApp Business Platform!

These notifications have a high delivery rate and are easy to set up. As a business, it is possible to send reminders, account updates and other alerts to customers wherever they are, as long as they have an internet connection.

Given the small space to bring value to your users through automatic notifications, creative push notifications are critical for user engagement.

What are the advantages of sending WhatsApp push notifications

To give you some inspiration here are the advantages of using push notifications on WhatsApp Business Platform.

Reach the target audience whenever and wherever you want

Using automatic notifications can help you send content with new personalized information to the users’ screens when they are active on their channel of choice.

With WhatsApp, reaching the audience in the right place at the right time is a piece of cake. It gives you the possibility to analyze the published content about your products, relate it to your customers’ profiles and send relevant information to each one according to their interests.

Engage users with curated content

Push notification campaigns can be sent at scale to increase brand awareness, customer retention and conversion rates. Two tips:

  • Send remainders that encourage customers who were close to complete an option, such as buying or browsing your product catalog, to come back.

  • Alert about your coming events, special offers, and/or updates.

Drive traffic to your website

Ultimately, you’ll want your push notifications to keep people coming back to your website and continuing to interact with your content.

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Here you have some examples of creative push notifications

Mobile phone push notifications are omnipresent, but most of the marketing teams don’t use them to their full potential.

However, the best marketing teams relay on their brand knowledge and imagination to include attractive content in the limited space of a notification window. We did some research for you and found great push notification examples. Here we show you our top five.


A list of examples of creative push notification wouldn’t be complete without the king of streaming content.


Source: https://twitter.com/botmanual/status/1359241321416953862/photo/1

If you’ve seen The Crown you know why this notification is so epic and that’s the idea. Netfilx understands its audience because it acts as a platform for content discovery rather than a search engine.

By knowing its audience, the streaming platform has customized its push notifications according to their interests.


Tinder has always been a bit bold with its tone and voice. And its push notifications are no exception.


Source: https://twitter.com/laura06ramirez/status/1536027871449423873

At first sight, this might seem odd to those who have never used the app. Being edgy works for Tinder because its core audience is young, sarcastic and humorous.

This is a simple alert intended to get people interested in the application again. It is effective because it invites people, in a suggestive way, to log in again.


The best at taking advantage of every situation? Probably Rappi.


Source: https://twitter.com/SantiLN/status/1395911331883196420

Some times to tempt us, some times to generate repercussions on social media. The truth is that Rappi takes upon itself to encourage people to reconnect and show if the push notification is wrong.

Google Fotos

This app is the best to take us to a nostalgic state by remembering our past moments and experiences.


Source: https://twitter.com/AF_Gongora/status/1475832166131109895

Some find it sad and others look forward to its notifications everyday to review photos and videos from one, two, five, ten years ago or more. But be that as it may, the truth is that these notifications are eye-catching enough to make us click and relive our past.


There’s nothing more tempting than a food app that understands your situation and offers you promos with convenient prices.


Source: https://twitter.com/Almojabanax/status/1353142216991141888

McDonald’s is known in the entire world and we have its marketing team to thank for some of its fame. Their app is full of creative push notifications.

This particular notification is a remainder to make users feel understood. The best part? It uses a common idea like “go for a late night” (ir a tardear) in an effective way.

Tik Tok

We live in a world where noise dominates networks. Some of the best marketing specialists in the world create campaigns that retain certain information to generate curiosity and motivate users to take that step: click on the app.

Push Tik Tok

Source: https://twitter.com/ithrowupswag/status/1273053429284429824

The goal in this case is to get users to click on the notification to live up to the hype or joke that Tik Tok made.

Improve your results sending creative push notifications

The push notifications effectiveness depends on how you use them. Sending impersonal and spam notifications to the users can upset them; whereas sending customized and timely notifications can create a positive and fluid user experience to keep up with the expectations.

You will want to be the company that sends relevant notifications to your customers at the time they want to see them. Most companies have a wealth of data about their users that can help create tailored messages to their specific interests, preferences and behaviors.

Based on our experience, we have selected some practices to improve results when sending creative push notifications.

1. Customize your notifications 

When creating a notification you should ensure that messages are according to the needs and experiences of the users. Data tags allow you to tag users based on attributes such as subscription status, car abandonment history and other user behaviors.

Tags are the basis of a successful personalization and marketing strategy for push notifications.

2. Multimedia elements 

When we talk about multimedia notifications we are referring to the ones that include images, video, audio or documents inside the notification itself. Given that users are not always going to click on your notifications, giving your message within the push notification can achieve the desired result.

Show them what they are missing!

3. Think about when to send notifications

Given that users from the entire world live in different time zones and have different hobbies, not all of them interact with your contact number or application at the same time. Thats why you should make sure to send your messages at the right times for your users.

4. Use emojis

You would be surprised of the great impact that emojis can have.

If you use them in the correct way, emojis can increase click rates in your campaigns. Avoid emojis that can be misinterpreted or that interrupt the flow of your message, and unless they are replacing a word, put them at the beginning or the end of the message.

To sum up

That is all for today.

We hope that you have found this article useful and that it has sparked your imagination when it comes to using creative push notifications.