10 reasons to reject a Fake WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an incredible tool that we all love and dream of using in order to reach more customers. This means that there are many technological “companies” trying to hack WhatsApp to offer a way to make bulk shipments to numbers, and contact customers who do not expect their messages.

Before, we have put the word “company” with quotes, because based on our experience in WOZTELL, those who try to sell unofficial WhatsApp services are not companies that can be long-term suppliers.

They are usually two or three developers, somewhere hidden in the world that intends to do business for a short time.

These organizations use virtual machines, image capture services, and another walk around, which manage to send or receive WhatsApp messages with low response times, incomplete services and with fear that WhatsApp blocks them at any time.

We are going to leave you 10 reasons why you should use official WhatsApp:

1. Security: Would you leave your conversations, your customers’ phone numbers, your orders, etc., for sale on the deep web? Do you know what use your data is made when you use Fake WhatsApp? Using a Fake WhatsApp can give you some scare because surely for just a few dollars you can buy thousands of mobile numbers of active users, with data on their profile, their country, etc.

2. Legal: What is the legal responsibility you have for choosing the software you use? Do you have customers in EUROPE? Do you have to comply with the GDPR? All these concepts today are more important when choosing a software provider.

3. Corporate Image: Can you imagine someone cloning or stealing your SIM and using your number with your customers? WhatsApp Business provides your clients with the security that “you are you”, and that they are not talking to another person or company. Your company or corporate will show that it cares about communication with its customers and if one day it steals your SIM, WhatsApp will protect your number and you can solve it.

4. Keep your number for life: What if WhatsApp blocks your number? If WhatsApp detects that you are doing something weird, your number may be blocked. If you use official WhatsApp and by mistake, you would do something weird, your Facebook would notify you, and you would avoid losing the number.

5. Features: Why Fake WhatsApp does not know if a message was delivered or not?

6. Experience: Does your client expect you to react instantly when he writes to you? Do you receive photos, send files, etc.? WhatsApp Business Official is fast, very fast! You can get speeds 10/20/40 messages per second, with all the information you need to manage for your business.

7. Career: If you are CMO, CTO, CIO, etc., why use something that can cause your dismissal? Would you install an illegal WINDOWS software that, if it fails, blocks your business?

8. Big Deals: Why work for startups that want everything for free if the big clients are waiting for you? With WOZTELL you can offer your best WhatsApp Official customers. You can also be the first to contact large accounts and this will lead you to work for older clients, with the ability to invest in your services, and help you grow. In WOZTELL we give you the FREE service of calling all customers offering this service and giving you the results of the calls … Then it is you who sells the services and charges the license fees!

9. Business vision: The use of WhatsApp Official will grow and WOZTELL needs integrators and referrals with which it will collaborate. WOZTELL offers official WhatsApp and APIs for companies. If you want to do good business you are on the right web.

10. Be rich: If you can work well and get rich with WOZTELL, who wants to work badly?

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