WhatsApp Business Platform: how and why you should recommend products along the customer journey

If you are in the e-commerce business, you will know that offering one amazing product is not enough to succeed. Check out this article on how to use WhatsApp Business Platform to recommend multi-products along your customers’ journey.

One thing is for sure: The digital revolution and the emergence of new technologies have transformed traditional business models over the past decade. Indeed, this business environment makes it difficult for companies to differentiate themselves based on price or multiple product offerings.

But, guess what?

WhatsApp Business Platform is the answer to most of your business problems.

In the multichannel world of voice calls, email, chats and messages, consumers prefer to interact with brands in the same way they communicate with their families and friends. In the case of businesses, more users are leaning toward using messaging apps to communicate with brands.

Among these apps, WhatsApp has not stopped growing and is currently considered the most popular messaging channel with millions of active users in 180 countries.


Why should you recommend your products on WhatsApp and not by email?

The fact is that WhatsApp Business Platform can become a powerful communication channel. But, if you think this platform is only for casual chats with friends, we are going to convince you to think about it twice.

For a long time, sending newsletters has been the preferred marketing strategy to offer products through email.

However, have you ever contacted a company by email looking for help in solving a problem that requires immediate assistance? Have you ever felt that the communication process becomes difficult when it comes to drawing up an email conversation?

You’re not the only one.

There are thousands of emails sent and received every day. Just take a look at your inbox and let us know if you can easily find the last conversation with a brand you contacted for help.

It is important to start using messaging applications to recommend products. And, WhatsApp Business Platform is gaining more and more ground, helping companies generate more sales with product recommendations in video and image formats.

Here are some reasons why you should use WhatsApp Business Platform instead of email (or use it all together).

It is more convenient

We are spending more and more time with our mobile devices. The reason? Convenience.

Over the years, the use of WhatsApp to keep in touch with our loved ones has also grown. This makes us more active on the app, so it is ideal for offering products and services.

It is more personal

The reality is that we actively use emails for more “professional” conversations. That’s why they tend to be slow.

WhatsApp brings us closer to a space where customers actively engage in personal conversations.

It is more attractive

WhatsApp allows us to send all kinds of formats such as photos, videos, PDF files along with the usual text messages.

There will still be customers who opt to have some conversations via email rather than a more personal channel. But, now that consumers choose to work with their mobiles, messaging apps like WhatsApp are more accessible and convenient for recommending products.

In fact, you should recommend your products on WhatsApp if:

You want less context switching and more dynamic, personalized shopping experiences.

The app helps take the friction out of the buyer’s journey with shopping experiences through WhatsApp Business Platform’s multi-product messaging.

As customers also use the app to talk to businesses, it is possible to take these conversations a step further by providing personalized recommendations based on preferences, purchases and searches.

You prefer dynamic product recommendations

The dynamism of your conversations in this case comes from multi-product messages. These messages give you a way to display lists of products that your customers are most likely to be interested in.
Product lists work as a guide to direct customers to the items that are most relevant to them.

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How you can use WhatsApp Business Platform at every step of the customer journey

Now that you know why brands choose WhatsApp to help customers choose products, it’s time to learn about the objectives and uses at each phase of the customer journey.

Stage 1: Pre-purchase

Goal: Connect with customers and help them make buying decisions using multi-product messaging.


  • Send personalized product recommendations to customers for more conversions and sales.

  • Offer real-time product recommendations.

  • Help search a specific product category for a selected shopping experience.

Stage 2: Purchase

Goal: Help consumers continue shopping by setting up customized lists of the products they need before they buy.


  • Recommend relevant and additional products before payment.

  • Suggest items that the customer buys regularly before checkout.

  • Send a coupon or discount to encourage purchase.

Stage 3: Post-purchase

Goal: Keep customers coming back, place repeat orders and set up selected lists based on their recent purchases.


  • Offering a list of recently purchased items to encourage a new purchase.

  • Provide a personalized selection of products based on a recent purchase.

  • Set up a list of best-selling or promotional items.

Stage 4:  Festivities

Objetivo: Ayudar a aliviar el estrés de las compras en épocas festivas con sugerencias de regalos personalizados.


  • Create lists of products on promotion.

  • Personalized recommendations based on previous purchases.

A real example: Centaline Property

Let’s look at Centaline Property, one of the largest real estate agencies in Hong Kong. They focus on sourcing residential and commercial properties, both new and pre-owned.

In the business world, it is important to have a good communication and customer service strategy, so message automation is an excellent option to address different needs and preferences.

To achieve this efficiently, an interface for larger scale business communications is required. And that is where the WhatsApp Business Platform comes in as a tool within reach of companies to help them create good customer experiences through conversations.

The challenges

After the use of various mediums such as email, text messages and electronic forms and the increasing demand for daily customer inquiries about their services, Centaline Property needed to respond faster.
So, with the request to establish an automated lead scoring that would allow for prioritization of sales and contact personalization, Centaline Property teamed up with Sanuker (our partner) to build a WhatsApp chatbot.

How the use of WhatsApp Business Platform helped

Sanuker created a custom WhatsApp chatbot capable of sending messages and tracking communication history, collecting customer information, and helping to funnel leads to the ideal agent.

Among some suggestions for improving the process, Sanuker proposed the use of interactive features such as list messages and reply buttons. These features make it easier to identify what a customer wants and offer a simple menu of three options, respectively.

The results and future steps

A month after launching the chatbot, Centaline started receiving new leads via WhatsApp, which resulted in increased sales.

Going forward, Centaline will continue to use WhatsApp Business Platform to help further customize the chatbot flow and analyze its data to help deliver even better experiences for its customers.

En el futuro, Centaline continuará usando WhatsApp Business Platform para ayudar a personalizar más el flujo de chatbot y analizar sus datos para ayudar a brindar experiencias aún mejores para sus clientes.

To sum up

We hope you now know more about the benefits of boosting your e-commerce strategy to improve your customers’ experience.

In WOZTELL we have support on WhatsApp Business Platform that will help you to implement your communication strategy, contact us for more information and we will gladly assist you!

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