Let us tell you how a real estate chatbot in WhatsApp will increase your sales

Do you want to have the key that opens the door to new opportunities for your agency? In this article we tell you everything you need to know about how to get started with your real estate chatbot.

You may have already used a chatbot to order food in a restaurant or to buy clothes in your preferred store. But did you know that a chatbot can also help you increase your sales?

Chatbots are transforming the way we make sales and communicate with customers. Likewise, they have also found a home in real estate agencies, offering several options to facilitate the work of your real estate agents.

What a real estate chatbot can do for you

When a person is looking for a new place to live, they start a journey through several channels.

They will probably start by having a general idea and looking for options, ending up on your website. Perhaps the sheer number of homes will overwhelm them and they will start to have questions. This is the key moment where they will seek to contact you, and the ideal way is to do it through one of their favorite channels, such as WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has many advantages for your customers, such as immediacy and convenience. It doesn’t stop there though, as 76% of WhatsApp users want to communicate with businesses in the same way they do with their friends and family (Business Messaging Research Study, 2020). The messaging app has become a familiar and friendly channel, so what better than a channel like this to assist in finding the customer’s new home?

Let’s open the doors and see all that a real estate chatbot has to offer you.

24/7 Attention

A real estate chatbot can answer your customers’ frequently asked questions immediately regardless of the time. Users can ask about the property they are interested in, solve doubts about the purchase or rental process, know the history of the property (for example, how many years it has been built) and much more.


Not all users are looking for the same type of property, have the same budget or the same needs. A real estate chatbot can ask a series of questions to find out what each person is looking for and give them relevant information or recommendations according to their needs.

Interaction history

A chatbot stores and organizes information from all interactions with a user. This way you can understand interaction trends and have your customer data at hand in case you need it.

Multimedia content

Your chatbot can send photos and videos of the property the user is interested in.

 Schedule visits

You can connect your chatbot to a calendar to schedule visits automatically. Your chatbot can ask users when they prefer to view the property and book the visit on the day and time that suits them best.

If your potential client is too busy to visit the property, your real estate chatbot can also take them on a 360° tour to show them what it looks like.


After a visit, a chatbot can ask your customers if they have finally made a decision, or if they want new recommendations.


A chatbot can contact a customer after completing a purchase or signing a lease to ask about their experience and whether they are satisfied with the real estate agency.

Knowing your customers’ opinions helps you to know the strengths and weaknesses of your agency, which will allow you to make the necessary changes to improve.

What kind of chatbots can you create?

There are three types of chatbot that you can use for your real estate agency and each one covers different needs:

  • Information Chatbot: are easy and quick to configure. They follow a sequential logic of simple preconfigured commands. An example would be frequently asked questions chatbots.
  • Keyword Chatbots: can recognize keywords provided by the customer and give an answer. These keywords and answers must be configured in advance.
  • Artificial Intelligence Chatbot: are the most advanced as they incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning. They are able to interpret language at a more complex level (user intent and context) which makes them more natural. However, the chatbot needs time to learn and improve.

Why do you need a WhatsApp chatbot for your real estate agency sales?

You already know the functions of a real estate chatbot, now we tell you the benefits of implementing it on WhatsApp.

Better customer service

With immediate responses your customers will be more satisfied, as they don’t have to wait to get an answer to their most frequently asked questions and can contact you even after business hours.

Better relationships with your customers

Strengthening relationships with your customers and improving the interaction they have with your company is very easy with a chatbot. As we mentioned, a chatbot can offer personalized options to your customers, solve questions and collect data.

So, when you need to communicate directly with them you will know everything you need.

Automation processes

With a chatbot you can schedule messages like:

  • Visit reminder
  • Response availability
  • Post-sales service (or post-rental, in this case)
  • And many more, the limit is in your imagination

Automatic scheduling of visits

This is one of the best tools you have with a chatbot. By connecting your calendar you can easily and quickly schedule visits to open the doors to a new sale.

    Want to know more? Let´s talk via WhatsApp!

    A success story of a WhatsApp chatbot for a real estate agency

    We’ve already told you all the technicalities and benefits of a real estate chatbot, and now we present a success story to give you some inspiration.

    Centaline Property is a real estate agency in Hong Kong with over 2,000 offices. They needed a faster way to respond to the thousands of questions they received on different channels.

    Centaline Property integrated WhatsApp Business Platform with their system for recommending properties, and in partnership with Sanuker, they created a customized WhatsApp chatbot. The chatbot uses the interactive options offered by WhatsApp such as buttons or message lists to personalize the customer experience.

    The results? In one month leads increased by 137%, plus 57% of leads now come in via WhatsApp.

    Interacting with the real estate chatbot makes it easier to connect with the agency, saves time and results in more homes sold. With WhatsApp they can engage customers and help them through the buying journey to find the property they like the most.

    To sum up

    With a real estate chatbot you can increase your sales and improve your customer relationships. Its different functions and benefits make it an essential ally for any real estate company that wants to have an online presence.

    What are you waiting for to open the door to this new tool?

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