Optimizing Customer Service with Zoho Desk, WhatsApp, and WOZTELL

This integration works intuitively, allowing you to effortlessly convert user conversations into manual support tickets.

WhatsApp Cloud and Zoho DESK



Provide efficient and timely customer service to customers using WhatsApp as their preferred communication channel. Companies receive a high volume of technical inquiries and need an effective way to manage and follow up on these conversations.

The problem

In a highly competitive and digitalized business world, customer service has become a critical factor for success. Customers expect quick responses and effective solutions to their problems. However, efficiently managing customer requests across multiple channels can be a challenge for many companies. In this context, integrating WhatsApp as a customer service channel has become essential but also brings its own challenges.


The solution to address this challenge lies in the combination of three powerful tools: Zoho Desk, WhatsApp, and WOZTELL.

Zoho Desk: Centralizing customer service management. Zoho Desk is a customer service management platform that helps companies organize and resolve customer requests efficiently. It allows for workflow automation, ticket assignment, and tracking customer interactions.

WhatsApp: The preferred communication channel for customers. WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps in the world, and many customers prefer to communicate through this channel. Integrating WhatsApp into the customer service system is essential to keep customers satisfied.

WOZTELL: The Integration Tool. WOZTELL acts as the bridge between Zoho Desk and WhatsApp, enabling the effective integration of these two systems. It facilitates bidirectional communication between the customer service platform and the messaging app.

Goog practices

Here are some best practices to make the most of this integration:

Simple Setup: Use WOZTELL to easily connect Zoho Desk with WhatsApp, allowing you to receive and reply to customer messages directly from Zoho Desk.

Smart Automation: Set up automated workflows in Zoho Desk to automatically assign WhatsApp tickets to the right agents and answer frequently asked questions.

Interaction Tracking: Use Zoho Desk to keep a complete track of all interactions with customers, regardless of the channel, providing a unified view of the customer’s history.

Metrics and Analytics: Leverage Zoho Desk’s analytics tools to assess the effectiveness of your customer service team in managing WhatsApp requests.

 Step by Step

1. Connect your Zoho account with access to Zoho Desk.

2. Click here to access the extension installer.

3. A new window will open asking you to integrate the WOZTELL platform. Click on “By installing this App, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of the vendor” and then on “By installing this App, you agree to the Terms of Service of Zoho Marketplace.” Check the boxes and click Install. In this new tab, you will also need to choose the portal you will use if you have more than one portal in Zoho Desk.

4. Next, you will need to choose which users and departments have access to this extension, accept the terms and conditions, and click Install.

5. Once we have installed the extension in Zoho Desk, we will see the following, where it will tell us that we can install the Zoho Desk integration in WOZTELL to add more functionalities to our Desk extension.

6. To install the Zoho Desk integration in WOZTELL, click where it says “click here,” and a new WOZTELL platform tab with the Zoho Desk integration will open.

7. Click on Get and Install.

8. If successful, you will now see this page. If it doesn’t redirect you automatically, click on “Click me!” Click Accept, and that’s the last step completed.
And with this, we will have finished installing the extension.


The integration of Zoho Desk with WhatsApp through WOZTELL is a powerful solution for optimizing customer service. It allows companies to centralize request management, automate repetitive tasks, and offer customers the option to communicate through their preferred channel. This combination improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, leading to greater business success.

In a market where customer service is a key differentiator, implementing this solution allows you to provide exceptional service and keep your customers satisfied. Ultimately, the combination of Zoho Desk, WhatsApp, and WOZTELL helps you address the challenge of managing customer service requests effectively and efficiently.

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WhatsApp Cloud y Zoho DESK
WhatsApp Cloud y Zoho DESK