Use case: Winemrket


The Client

Industry: Ecommerce
Company: Winemrket
Company size: 1-10 employees
Integrator: Woztell

Description of the company:

Winemrket is a wine shop that breaks away from the traditional and seeks to offer unique experiences to its customers, which, contrary to what might be expected, are the wineries that trust them to market their products.

After months of development and analysis of the wine market, it became clear that what they needed was a different approach to their competitors, in order to get closer to their end customers, and offer them a more complete and enriching experience.

It was at that moment when the idea of working on the user experience through a chatbot that would allow them to converse with their end customers, instead of simply making an online sale, took shape.

This is when Vicente Sumiller, their WhatsApp chatbot specialized in wine recommendations, was born.

The challenge

A personalized approach with their clients

With the purpose of turning the purchase of wine into an experience, and landing in the international market, it decides to use a chatbot specialized in solving user’s frequently asked questions, as well as offering recommendations on wine products.

The Solution

A WhatsApp chatbot

A conversational chatbot integrated into the Winemrket website, WhatsApp and Facebook, in 3 languages, with multimedia content focused on solving the most common inquiries, and that assists its users in the selection of a wine.

The solution was developed using templates and simple-to-use resources that allowed its implementation in less than 48 hours.

woztell Use case - Winemrket
woztell Use case - Winemrket 2

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