M2Crowd whatsapp para crowdfundin inmobiliario
M2Crowd Success Story

Reducing response times by 3x with WOZTELL

M2Crowd, a leader in real estate crowdfunding in Mexico, reduced response times by 3x with WOZTELL

M2Crowd whatsapp for crowdfundin realestate

Client: M2Crowd
Country: Mexico
Industry: Real Estate
Solution: Integration of WhatsApp automation with Zoho CRM
Contact: Salomon Cattan, CEO of M2Crowd

M2Crowd whatsapp for crowdfundin realestate
M2Crowd whatsapp for crowdfundin realestate

Context of M2Crowd

In recent years, the fintech ecosystem in Mexico has developed and grown considerably, with financial inclusion accelerating thanks to digital services. M2Crowd is a leading company in the real estate sector in Mexico, specializing in collaborative investment.

Since its founding, M2Crowd has worked to democratize access to real estate investments, allowing anyone to participate in large real estate projects with minimal investment. Over more than six years of operation, M2Crowd has achieved impressive milestones, including:


registered users


pesos financed


funded offers


pesos delivered to its investors
M2Crowd has been approved by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), reinforcing its position as one of the best options for investing in real estate crowdfunding in Mexico. Despite these successes, M2Crowd faced several significant challenges in managing its communications and customer service. Addressing these challenges was crucial to maintaining and improving customer satisfaction, a vital aspect for any business, especially in the real estate sector.

Problem description

Before implementing the WOZTELL solution, M2Crowd faced three critical issues:

  1. Response time: Manual query management led to prolonged response times. In a sector where quick and accurate information is crucial for investment decision-making, these delays negatively affected customer satisfaction and the company’s perception of efficiency.
  2. Team overload: The high demand for personalized attention overwhelmed the customer service team. This affected their efficient management of queries and prevented the team from focusing on more strategic and high-value tasks.
  3. Fragmented communication: The lack of a unified and efficient communication channel made maintaining consistent and coherent customer interaction difficult. This problem resulted in lost messages, inconsistent responses, and a suboptimal overall user experience.

These problems posed a significant barrier to M2Crowd’s growth and operational efficiency. To address these challenges, M2Crowd implemented an integrated solution through a WhatsApp chatbot provided by WOZTELL.


3x Reduction in Response Times

Issues solved with WOZTELL

Faced with the growing need to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, M2Crowd turned to WOZTELL, a platform specializing in automated communication solutions. WOZTELL offered a comprehensive solution through a WhatsApp chatbot, designed to address the specific challenges M2Crowd faced.
M2Crowd whatsapp for crowdfundin realestate


WOZTELL provided an integrated solution through a WhatsApp chatbot, allowing M2Crowd to:

  1. Automate responses: The chatbot automated responses to frequently asked questions, significantly reducing the support team’s workload. This allowed the team to focus on more complex queries and strategic tasks, improving overall operational efficiency. Automating responses also ensured that customers received accurate and quick information, enhancing their overall experience.
  2. Personalize interactions: By connecting its databases with the WhatsApp Cloud API, M2Crowd was able to personalize interactions with customers. This created a closer and more relevant experience for users, allowing them to learn about ongoing real estate projects and participate in them informally. Personalized interactions increased customer satisfaction and engagement with the platform.
  3. Integrate with Zoho CRM: The chatbot is interconnected with Zoho CRM, ensuring that all collected data is automatically deposited into the CRM. This integration facilitates proper data management, ensuring customer information is always updated and accurate. Automating data capture improved data management efficiency, allowing the team to make informed and strategic decisions based on accurate data.
M2Crowd whatsapp for crowdfundin realestate
M2Crowd whatsapp for crowdfundin realestate
M2Crowd whatsapp for crowdfundin realestate


The implementation of the WOZTELL chatbot has generated significant results for M2Crowd:

  1. Reduction in response time: Queries are now managed in seconds instead of minutes. This improvement in response speed has increased operational efficiency and significantly enhanced customer satisfaction.
  2. Increased customer satisfaction: Quick and personalized responses have elevated customers’ perception of value and attention. Feeling valued and efficiently attended to, customers are more satisfied and engaged with the platform. This increase in customer satisfaction has contributed to user retention and the growth of M2Crowd’s customer base.
  3. Improved operational efficiency: M2Crowd’s team can now focus on more complex and strategic tasks, leaving routine queries to the chatbot. This has allowed for better resource allocation and improved team productivity. The ability to focus on high-value tasks has enabled M2Crowd to continue innovating and offering high-quality services to its customers.
  4. Efficient data management: Thanks to the integration with Zoho CRM, customer information is captured and managed automatically. This ensures data accuracy and constant updating, which is crucial for making informed decisions. Proper data management has improved M2Crowd’s ability to understand and anticipate customer needs, offering personalized and relevant solutions.
The collaboration between M2Crowd and WOZTELL has proven to be a resounding success in showing how WhatsApp Cloud can help real estate crowdfunding companies. Implementing the WhatsApp chatbot has transformed how M2Crowd manages its communications and customer service. WOZTELL’s solution has addressed M2Crowd’s initial challenges and provided additional benefits that have contributed to the company’s growth and operational efficiency.

The success story of M2Crowd and WOZTELL is a testament to the power of automation and personalization in improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. With the help of WOZTELL, M2Crowd is well-positioned to continue its growth and success, as it has so far.