Streamline the evaluation process with WhatsApp

With WhatsApp you can facilitate many aspects of your academic institution and the evaluation process is one of them



You probably remember this: you are in class and the teacher announces an exam for next week. Then, follows the stress to prepare for it, answer the questions correctly and wait for the grades.

Additionally, students’ lives are full of other activities. So normally they forget one or two exam dates.

This situation hasn’t changed much since previous generations were studying, and the students of your academic institution go through similar situations in class.

What has changed is how students communicate, and their relationship with technology is closest than ever.

All of this translated into the need of standing out among the competition with marketing strategies that create unforgettable experiences from the very beginning.

The problem

An exam implies several things for your institution:
Inform the students that there will be an exam
Send reminders
Set out the questions that will appear
Send the results

To send the information about the date, and the exam contents you use e-mail. However, your students don’t usually check their e-mail every day.

On the other hand, if the exam or test will take place online, you always take a chance of the platform having a problem or that the connection fails.

For this reason, you want to find an innovative way to make exams to make things easier for both students and teachers.


WhatsApp has arrived at different aspects of our lives. We use this messaging channel daily to communicate with our friends and family even if they are on the other side of the world.

Additionally, in the last couple of years, companies have started to use this channel to communicate with their customers. First with WhatsApp Business App and now with WhatsApp Cloud API, companies have more powerful solutions.

And WhatsApp Cloud API in a channel that you use in your academic institution.

Even to carry out exams!


As we mentioned before, to carry out an exam there are different points that teachers must keep in mind to transmit relevant information.

Here you have some ideas to use WhatsApp when an exam is coming up:

  • Announce an exam
    For students, it can be difficult to follow all the activities of each class. Especially if there is an additional activity that wasn’t on the original calendar.Not to mention the exams period, and there is one exam after another.

    With broadcast messages, you can announce there will be an exam and inform the date and time. Also, you can include a button that activates a conversation flow so the student receives a study guide on WhatsApp.

  • Exam reminder
    You might have already sent the announcement, but more than one student will forget about it. To avoid this, we recommend you send a reminder directly to their WhatsApp.This can be very useful for your students, especially considering that at their age they normally don’t have great organization systems. But it is not their fault, we all have been through that age.
  • Exam
    In addition to send information and reminders, you can also carry out the exam on WhatsApp.
    With the help of an exam chatbot. you can program questions and answers by using buttons. You can include as many questions as you want and at the end of the exam, the chatbot will automatically give the grades.Furthermore, you can also configure the chatbot to send a reward at the end if the students answer every question correctly.

    This chatbot can start with a broadcast messages with a button that activates the conversation flow, with an entry point such as a QR code or a button in the education platform that you use in your institution.

    We recommend you use these chatbots for mock exams or short tests.

    Create your exams easily with our ready-to-use chatbot templates:
    Download the exam template here
    Download the exam + reward template here

  • Send results
    Once the exam is done, you need to send the results to the students who are impatient to receive them. Again a broadcast messages can be a great ally.

    This way, your students (or their parents) will have their grades in the palm of their hands without having to open their email or log in to the educational platform.

Goog practices

Now let’s see some good practices to keep in mind to make the most out of WhatsApp in your academic institution:

To send broadcast messages you need to obtain the opt-in from your students. One way to get it is that when a student registers check a box where they agree to receive messages from your institution.

Be sure to send your message at the right time and respect time zones if you have international students.

Make sure to make a correct segmentation so the information

Make sure you segment correctly so that the information reaches those who need it.

E-book: How to make the most out of WhatsApp in education


Making the evaluation process easier by using WhatsApp is a reality for any academic institution. If there isn’t anything more important than an exam, what better way to send relevant notifications in the channel that your students will read?

Download our e-book for WhatsApp for education.
WhatsApp in academic institutions: exams
WhatsApp in academic institutions: exams
WhatsApp in academic institutions: exams