WhatsApp Commerce: Turn Your WhatsApp into an Online Store

Automate Purchases and Offer a Conversational Shopping Experience

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WhatsApp Commerce, an innovative extension that allows businesses to turn their WhatsApp accounts into fully functional e-commerce stores. This groundbreaking solution simplifies the shopping experience, automates the payment process, and facilitates the management of products and orders, all from a simple Google spreadsheet. In this article, we’ll explore how WhatsApp Commerce is changing the way businesses manage their e-commerce operations and offer a conversational shopping experience to their customers.



E-commerce is a fundamental part of modern business, but it can often be complicated and costly to implement and manage. Many businesses struggle to find effective ways to list products, process orders, and provide efficient customer service. Additionally, the lack of personal interaction in online stores often leaves customers with unanswered questions and an unsatisfactory shopping experience.

The problem

Complexity of the Purchase Process: Customers often face complicated steps to make online purchases, which can lead to shopping cart abandonments and lost sales.

High Costs: Managing an online store can be costly due to payment gateway fees and customer support.

Lack of Interaction: Online stores lack the personal interaction that customers enjoy in physical stores, often resulting in a less satisfying experience.


WhatsApp Commerce addresses these challenges by:

Simplifying the Shopping Experience: Customers can browse a product store on their WhatsApp account and complete purchases quickly and easily.

Connecting to Various Payment Gateways: Supports a variety of payment methods, including VISA, Mastercard, and cryptocurrencies, to provide options for customers.

Facilitating Order Management: All orders, products, and notifications are efficiently managed in a Google spreadsheet.

Reducing Costs: By offering customer support through WhatsApp and automating the payment process with a chatbot, businesses can reduce operational costs.

Goog practices

Here are some best practices to make the most of this integration:

Keep Your Spreadsheet Updated: Ensure you keep your product and order information updated in your Google spreadsheet.

Provide Good Customer Service: Take advantage of automation to quickly respond to customer questions and provide excellent customer service.

Promote Your WhatsApp Store: Let your customers know about your WhatsApp store through your existing communication channels.

 Step by Step

1. Make sure you have a paid subscription to Woztell and a Google Sheets account.

2. Follow the installation video to complete the setup.


WhatsApp Commerce is transforming the way businesses conduct e-commerce operations by simplifying the purchase process, offering a conversational experience, and reducing operational costs. This solution allows businesses to connect more effectively with their customers and provide a more satisfying shopping experience.
WhatsApp Commerce with WOZTELL
WhatsApp Commerce with WOZTELL
WhatsApp Commerce with WOZTELL
WhatsApp Commerce with WOZTELL