Kemical – Lactipro Success story

Chatbot for quotes with whatsApp product integration

This technological advancement has not only optimized their business processes, but has also set new service standards in the dairy hygiene industry.

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Company: Kemical – Lactipro
Industry: Agroindustry
Function: Chatbot for quotes
Platform: WhatsApp Cloud API

Kemical is a Costa Rican company that develops integral cleaning and disinfection solutions for various industries. In particular, its product Lactipro, is a pioneer in the market of hygiene solutions for dairies.

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Who is Kemical – Lactipro?

Kemical, through its innovative product Lactipro, has positioned itself as a pioneer in the dairy hygiene solutions market.

Committed to quality, efficiency and sustainability, they have transformed the way agribusinesses maintain their hygiene standards, ensuring the safety and productivity of the sector.

What did Kemical need?

Streamlining the quotation process and improving after-sales management.

Kemical’s challenge, with Lactipro in particular, lay in their need to optimize the quotation process and strengthen their after-sales management. In order to offer a superior and efficient customer experience, they were looking for a technological solution that would allow them to quickly respond to quotation requests and handle after-sales follow-up in an automated and personalized way.

What was the solution for Kemical – Lactipro?

An innovative chatbot to transform quoting and post-sales

Faced with the growing need to optimize the sales process and improve after-sales management, Kemical – Lactipro embarked on the search for an advanced technological solution. Their objective was clear: to implement a tool that would not only streamline the quotation of their innovative dairy hygiene products, but also facilitate an effective and personalized after-sales follow-up. The solution had to be able to integrate seamlessly with their existing operations, offering an enhanced experience for both the Kemical – Lactipro team and their customers.

Kemical – Lactipro faced limitations in its ability to provide quick quotations and effectively manage after-sales service. Reliance on manual processes not only delayed responses to customers, but also affected the efficiency of its internal operations.


The collaboration with WOZTELL and its partner Novazys introduced a WhatsApp chatbot designed specifically for Kemical – Lactipro. This chatbot, powered by artificial intelligence technology, facilitated an automated quoting system and highly efficient after-sales service.

Instant quotes: The chatbot allows customers to obtain product quotes instantly, speeding up the purchase decision process. Enabling, in this way, the automation of orders up to the payment process, including 3 payment methods: Sinpe Mobile, Transfer or Cash.

Effective after-sales management: Through the chatbot, Kemical – Lactipro offers a proactive after-sales follow-up, resolving doubts and collecting feedback for continuous improvement.

Service customization: Using the data collected, the chatbot personalizes interactions, improving customer experience and satisfaction.

How Kemical – Lactipro uses WOZTELL

Through WOZTELL, Kemical – Lactipro has transformed its approach to the customer. The implementation of the WhatsApp chatbot has not only improved speed and efficiency in the quotation process, but has also redefined its after-sales strategy, ensuring exceptional customer service.

The adoption of this solution has allowed Kemical – Lactipro to stand out in the market, offering an unprecedented customer experience that has significantly improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as optimized its internal operations.

The implementation of the quotation chatbot and after-sales management with WOZTELL has marked a before and after for Kemical – Lactipro. This technological advance has not only optimized its business processes, but has also set new service standards in the dairy hygiene industry.