Welcome chatbot on WhatsApp

This chatbot is ideal for telling your customers a little about yourself the first time they contact you.


When your customers write to you for the first time, chances are they don’t know much about you.

For this reason, it is important that you have a strategy in place to introduce yourself and tell them a little about yourself in the first contact.

Also, this is an opportunity to tell them that they will receive a response from your team very soon.

The problem

When a user writes to you for the first time, they expect to receive some kind of response and if they don’t receive any, they may think that you are ignoring them.

This generates a negative experience, so they decide to look for another company that sells the product or service they need.

The experience translates into a loss of sales for your business.


To avoid losing any more potential customers, you are looking for a solution that allows you to respond to your customers automatically no matter what time they write to you.

In WOZTELL there is a very simple chatbot that allows you to send an automatic message when a user writes to you.

In addition, you can set a time period so that the message is not repeated in case the user continues to write.

That is, if you set a time of one hour, the chatbot will not repeat the message during this period. If the user types once this period has passed, the chatbot will send the message again.

Although this chatbot is simple and only sends one message, it can bring a great advantage to your business. Your customers will feel heard and will know that they will be contacted soon to fulfill their needs.

Los resultados


Increased customer satisfaction


Of consumers have positive experiences with chatbots


Increased customer satisfaction


Of consumers have positive experiences with chatbots

Good practices

We recommend that you write a message that reflects the personality of your brand so that your customer remembers and recognizes you.

Also, remember that since it is WhatsApp, your message should not be too long. You should also make it dynamic and natural, for this you can use emojis.

Finally, remind your customer that someone will contact them to offer more information.

Basic survey chatbot on WhatsApp


A welcome message is the first opportunity you have to show your customers that you are there for them. And since first impressions are important, this message should show who you are and that you care about your customers.

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Welcome chatbot on WhatsApp