Webinar registration with a WhatsApp chatbot

A WhatsApp chatbot can take care of webinar registrations in a conversation


When you are part of the marketing team, there are many tasks to attract customers and leads. And we know this can be overwhelming.

Depending on the type of company you have, you may offer webinars. And webinars can be very useful to generate sales opportunities, attract customers. and nurture leads who already have some knowledge of your products and services.

73% of B2B webinar attendees convert into leads.

20-40% of B2C webinar attendees convert into leads.

With these numbers in mind you plan a webinar and now you are faced with the question of how to get registrations.

The problem

To get registrations you use the traditional communication channels.

On the one hand, you send e-mails to the customers you have on your database. The open rate is very low (about 25% is a good result) and the interaction level leaves much to be desired. The result is that you don’t get many registrations by using this channel.

Another communication strategy is to make posts on social media. But posts have a low interaction rate (between 1% y el 5% is considered good) and do not generate many registrations.

Finally, you try PPC (pay per click) ads that require a monetary inversion. In this case, costs are elevated for each registration.

After seeing the traditional channels don’t work as you expected, you start looking for other options.


After reading some articles, you discover that you can create a WhatsApp chatbot so users can register into a webinar in a conversation in the moment they want to and in just a few minutes.

You can create a chatbot that starts with a broadcast messages with an invitation to the webinar and collects the users’ data in the conversation. Another option is that if a person asks you about the webinar a chatbot initiates to make the registration.

Using a chatbot for webinar registrations on WhatsApp has many advantages:

  • WhatsApp is your customers favorite channel: they will be able to register to a webinar in the same way they would talk to a friend.
  • It’s fast: since they register in a conversation they won’t have to go through different clicks and webpage to register.
  • It Is more dynamic: since WhatsApp is a conversational channel, your clients can register without the boredom of filling a form.

 The results


E-mail open rate


WhatsApp open rate


E-mail open rate


WhatsApp open rate

Good practices

With WOZTELL creating a webinar registration chatbot is very easy.

Once you have your template, you just need to write the messages you want your chatbot to send. We recommend you to keep these messages short and clear, around 10 lines are enough.

Remember to include relevant information about the webinar:

  • Title
  • Day and time
  • Link to join

We also recommend you to make your messages richer by using emojis so they feel more natural. Keep in mind that just because it’s a chatbot it doesn’t mean it has to speak artificially.

The best thing to do is to give it a personality so your customers feel comfortable during the interaction.

webinar registro


When conducting a webinar, you should not only think about the content, but also about how to get people to register.

Communication trends are changing and traditional channels no longer work as they used to. WhatsApp is the most used conversational channel worldwide and 75% of users want to communicate with companies through this channel.

With a chatbot that takes care of webinar registrations you make things easier for your customers. They can register easily and quickly in a WhatsApp conversation.

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WhatsApp chatbot template webinar
WhatsApp chatbot template webinar