Optimize your hiring process with the integration of Zoho Recruit and WhatsApp, powered by WOZTELL

Forging authentic connections: discover the synergy between technology and recruitment

USE CASE: Zoho Recruit, WhatsApp, and WOZTELL



The digital age has transformed the talent selection and recruitment process, and now, more than ever, companies are looking for ways to connect more closely and respond more efficiently to the needs of their candidates. The integration of Zoho Recruit with WhatsApp, powered by WOZTELL, offers a solution to this call, allowing companies to get closer to essential talent and manage conversations in an optimized way.


How do Zoho Recruit and WhatsApp revolutionize the selection process?

Direct and Efficient Communication: With the ability to directly connect with candidates via WhatsApp, companies can establish closer relationships, bypassing delays in emails or phone calls. This also paves the way for receiving immediate responses, streamlining the selection process.

Unification of Messaging Platforms: No more jumping between different apps to manage conversations. The integration of Zoho Recruit with WhatsApp allows multiple platforms, such as WhatsApp Cloud API, Facebook, Instagram, and web chats, all centralized in Zoho Projects. This feature is crucial for ensuring consistent and effective communication with candidates.

Conversation Automation: Thanks to WOZTELL LiveChat, chatbots and automated workflows can be implemented, simplifying conversations and ensuring that frequent or initial questions are handled quickly and effectively.

User Control: WOZTELL LiveChat provides total control over Zoho Recruit users, enabling companies to effectively manage team members’ roles and permissions.

Efficient Task Distribution: The integration allows for task distribution based on agent availability and roles. This ensures that each candidate receives attention from the most suitable person at the right time, further optimizing the selection process.

Zoho Recruit and WhatsApp usage example

A human resources manager at an emerging tech company was faced with the daunting task of finding a developer with specific skills for a large-scale project. Time was of the essence, and each day without that profile on the team meant a delay in the project.

After posting the job offer, hundreds of applications began to pour in. Reviewing each one, and then contacting candidates through calls or emails, was not only time-consuming but also reduced the effectiveness of communication.

With the integration of Zoho Recruit and WhatsApp powered by WOZTELL, the process changed radically:

1. Immediate Communication: Upon identifying an interesting profile, the recruiter could send a direct message via WhatsApp, establishing almost immediate first contact. This speed facilitated responses and accelerated interviews.

2. Platform Centralization: While some candidates reached out via Facebook or web chats, all messages arrived in the same place thanks to the integration with Zoho Projects, eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps.

3. Automatic Responses: Through WOZTELL LiveChat, candidates could resolve initial questions with chatbots, allowing the recruiter to focus on more relevant interactions.

4. Task Distribution: Upon identifying a promising candidate, the recruiter could reassign the task to a technician to assess the aspirant’s technical skills, all managed from the same platform.

Thanks to this integration, in less than a week, the recruiter found the perfect candidate, streamlining a process that traditionally took weeks and allowing the project to proceed without delays. Furthermore, the chosen candidate appreciated the fast and direct communication, providing an excellent first impression of the company.

 Step by Step

Before you begin, make sure you have the following:
1. A free or paid WOZTELL account (if you don’t have one, you can create it here).
2. A Zoho account with access to Zoho Recruit.

Installing the WOZTELL Extension:
1. Connect your Zoho account with access to Zoho Projects.
2. Search in the Zoho Marketplace for the extension to install it.
3. You will see the following windows where you have to choose which users you want to install for and accept the terms of use. Once everything is selected, click on “Save and continue.”


The combination of Zoho Recruit and WhatsApp, backed by the powerful functionalities of WOZTELL, marks a revolution in the selection and recruitment process. Companies are not just looking for talent, but also effective and efficient ways to communicate with them. This integration not only allows closer access to candidates but also optimally manages all interactions, ensuring an exceptional selection experience for both parties. It’s time for your company to leverage these benefits and elevate its selection process to the next level!
USE CASE: Zoho Recruit, WhatsApp, and WOZTELL