Use case: University Francisco de Vitoria

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

The Client

Industry: Education
Company: Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
Company size: More than 500 employees
Implementer: Millennials Consulting

Description of the company:

UFV is a private higher education centre located in Madrid. It has a teaching staff of 808 professors, of whom 4.21% are foreigners, 181 professors belong to the field of Health Sciences and 44 are mentors.

During the 2019-2020 academic year they have the collaboration of 8 foreign guest lecturers, in addition to a team of 532 people who ensure the optimal development of the University’s day-to-day.

Of this total, 70.30% are women and 29.70% are men.

The challenge

Reduced sales due to deficiencies in enrolment management

Before using Woztell, UFV was unable to respond to messages in a timely manner and many enrolments were lost.

  • Enrolment counsellors had to do everything, from sending information and answering questions, to following up with customers interested in enrolling.
  • This greatly affected their sales to the extent that the supervisor herself had to answer messages, as there were many that remained unanswered and were up to 3 days late.
  • With the enrolment season approaching, they reached a point where they were managing enrolments that were a week old. That’s when they decided to take a step forward and start their digital transformation.

The Solution

Automation of notifications and use of bulk messaging

After using Woztell, UFV was able to use automatic notifications to send messages to students with their next steps. For example:

  • Reminders of documents pending for registration.
  • Alerts confirming payments made. 
  • Confirmation of enrolled courses.
  • Reminders about changes in classes.

In addition, the finance department started to use alerts for reminders of outstanding payments.

Academic advisors were now able to focus on enrolling more students, significantly increasing the enrolment rate by 14.6%.

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