Use Case: Tu Biblia

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The Customer

Industry: Ecommerce
Company: Tu Biblia
Company size: More than 10 employees

Description of the company:

Distribuidora Nacional de Literatura Cristiana S.A.S. (National Distributor of Christian Literature S.A.S.) is a ministry that seeks to meet the great need of God’s people to have access to His Word, at a fair price and within a reasonable time.

Since 2012, they have been importing Bibles directly from publishing houses for entities interested in donating them to children and young people, as well as carrying out evangelism processes for adults.

They are also dedicated to the wholesale distribution of Bibles and Christian literature for bookstores, churches, ministries, pastors, foundations, etc.

They offer Bibles and books for spiritual growth from the main Christian and Catholic publishing houses: Editorial Unilit, Editorial Harper Collins, Editorial LifeWay, Producciones Prats, Editorial Tyndale, Editorial CLC, Editorial Verbo Divino, Editorial Peregrino, Sociedad Bíblica Colombiana, B&H Publishing Group, among others.

The challenge

Inadequate follow up with bible buyers

Before using Woztell, Tu Biblia managed their clients’ messages on a single device; this did not allow them to open WhatsApp on multiple devices, making it difficult for advisors to reply to a client.

  • Unread messages became a nightmare, increasing the customer’s waiting time.
  • They had to wait for someone to reply to a message before the next agent was able to answer their client.
  • At one point they experimented with using different numbers, but clients would get confused with the numbers.
  • Many times they would contact the wrong agent, causing long delays in placing orders for Bibles.

The Solution

Multi-agent, multi-device solution, to increase bible orders

After using Woztell, Tu Biblia was able to alleviate the problem of order backlogs due to too many unread messages.

By allowing all their agents to connect from different devices, agents had their own assigned conversations and followed up on them.

In its first month, Tu Biblia placed more than 50 new Bible orders.

After several months of having to wait up to 1 day to place a new order, clients now felt taken care of.

Tu Biblia’s sales team started using templates to speed up response time, and their operations team started using broadcast messages for order and delivery confirmations.

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