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Discover how Ubic Center automated the sending of quotations via WhatsApp

At Ubic Center, they increased their sales, streamlined processes, and improved customer satisfaction by implementing WhatsApp in their communication strategy with the help of our partner DataPlus Clouds Services.


Sales increase in the first month

Ubic Center Historia de éxito WhatsApp
Ubic Center Historia de éxito

Partner: DataPlus Clouds Services
Company: Ubic Center
Industry: Food
Feature: Automate WhatsApp messages
Platform: WhatsApp Cloud API

DataPlus Clouds Services is a cloud services company in Argentina. On the other hand, Ubic Center SA is a Mexican company that manufactures and personalizes supplies for the food industry.

Ubic Center Historia de éxito WhatsApp

Who is DataPlus Clouds Services?

A cloud services company that helps other companies in their digital transformation process.

DataPlus Clouds Services is a company in Argentina that offers cloud services to meet different needs for digital transformation. Some of these services are:

  • Infrastructure as a Service.
  • Backup as a Service.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service.
They are Zoho partners, and since 2019 they have been WOZTELL partners to help their clients to integrate communication solutions using instant messaging channels in their companies.

We looked for different communication partners, and WOZTEL was the right choice. We always have help when we need it, and thanks to this we were able to develop the solution for Ubic Center.

Eduardo Pawliska – CEO DataPlus Clouds Services

Who is Ubic Center?

Ubic Center manufactures supplies for the food industry.

Ubic Center is a Mexican B2B company and a DataPlus Clouds Services client that makes and personalizes different food supplies. Such as cold and hot drinks, food containers, bags, and utensils.

Something that identifies the company is that they use biodegradable materials such as corn starch and sugar cane.

What did Ubic Center need?

Automate sending messages using WhatsApp and Zoho.

Ubic Center has been working with DataPlus Clouds Services for over a year to adjust how they use Zoho CRM. They also use Zoho Workdrive to make quotations.

The Mexican company needed a way to automate the quotation sending to WhatsApp using the client information on their CRM and the documents created in Zoho Workdrive. They also wanted a communication solution to improve their customer experience.

Before implementing the solution, Ubic Center sent the quotations via e-mail. However, one of the problems was that e-mail has a low open rate and an elevated response time.

Research has shown that companies that answer quickly to their customers and leads have more chances to qualify a lead and close a sale. Therefore, at Ubic Center, they wanted to find a way to reduce the time and optimize responses.

What was the solution?

Improve customer service and reduce operation times.

With the help of WOZTELL, DataPlus Clouds Services created an automation that sends a WhatsApp message template with an attached PDF with the quotation of the products requested by the customer.

One of the challenges was that Ubic Center makes the quotation documents on Zoho Workdrive, but META does not accept these files in their messages. So with WOZTELL, they created the instructions to be able to do it.

The solution was to create a blueprint that generates an URL when they create the quotation. This URL goes into the message template and calls the file to attach it.

Now, when they generate a quotation, a message is sent automatically to the WhatsApp number registered in Zoho CRM. If the client requests a change, the Ubic Center team updates it and sends it again.


Increase in sales in the first month

Although, at first, the goal was to provide better customer service and automate processes, they also achieved an increase of 15% in sales during the first month after implementation. Additionally, by automating the sending of quotations via WhatsApp, they optimized response times and improved the open rate of their messages.

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Ubic Center Historia de éxito WhatsApp