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Success Story

How Sin Comisiones doubled sales by automating lead management with WhatsApp

Sin Comisiones increased sales x2 and improved response rate by 50% thanks to WOZTELL. Automated lead management and qualification, reducing sales effort by 50%.


Sales doubled

↓ 50%

Reduction of commercial effort

↑ 50%

Response rate
Sin Comisiones WhatsApp Success Story
Sin Comisiones Finanzas
Company: Sin Comisiones
Industry: Finances
Function: Automate lead generation
Platform: WhatsApp Cloud API

Sin Comisiones is a Spanish company created in 2019 with a single purpose: To become the most honest financial comparator in the market.

Sin Comisiones WhatsApp Success Story

Who is Sin Comisiones?

A company dedicated to the sale and comparison of financial products.

Sin Comisiones’ main focus is to provide accessible and transparent financial solutions for their clients, eliminating or minimizing the fees associated with traditional financial products and services. They offer listings on accounts, insurance, deposits, internet and mobile, cards, robo-advisors, trading and mortgages.

In addition, they have an office specialized in banking law to claim all kinds of products from banks and various lenders.

Sin Comisiones is a Spanish company created in 2019 with a single purpose: To become the most honest financial comparator in the market.

What did you need Sin Comisiones?

Optimize lead management

Sin Comisiones, a successful financial products and services comparator, was facing a major challenge in their lead generation process. Although they received a large number of leads, not all of them showed a real interest in their products. This and the fact of contacting them by phone, generated a considerable commercial effort and hindered the timely contact with those leads that were interested.

Looking for an efficient solution, they decided to implement WOZTELL to use the WhatsApp Cloud API and automate lead management and marketing.

What was the solution?

Automating lead qualification through WhatsApp

With the help of WOZTELL, Sin Comisiones was able to automate the initial contact with their leads and qualify them through a WhatsApp chatbot with a series of questions designed to determine their level of interest. This automation allowed the sales team to significantly reduce the effort required to qualify leads, while increasing the response rate by 50%.

They achieved impressive results. Sales doubled, indicating a clear positive impact on the revenue generation process by automating contact with leads and effectively qualifying them, quickly identifying those who were truly interested in their services.

In addition, the implementation of WOZTELL allowed Sin Comisiones to take full advantage of Zoho CRM, its customer relationship management system. Thanks to the integration between WOZTELL and Zoho CRM, the company was able to more efficiently manage all customer requests and effectively keep track of interactions.

To further leverage WOZTELL’s capabilities, Sin Comisiones implemented mass messaging via WhatsApp to inform their customers about promotions and special offers on services or products in which they had shown interest. This strategy allowed them to provide clients with access to better conditions and generate greater interest in their offerings.

Overall, these results had a significant impact on Sin Comisiones’ efficiency and profitability. By reducing commercial effort by 50%, the company was able to allocate additional resources to other strategic areas. In addition, the 50% improvement in the contact response rate ensured that no interested lead was left without a timely response.


Sales doubled

In summary, the implementation of WOZTELL allowed Sin Comisiones to automate lead management and significantly improve its commercial results. Thanks to automatic lead qualification and contact automation, the company was able to double its sales and improve its response rate by 50%. Sin Comisiones was able to optimize its lead generation process, focusing its efforts on those most likely to become customers, which boosted the company’s growth and success.

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