Use case: Singularity Automation

Singularity Automation Logo

The Client

Industry: Marketing
Company: Singularity Automation
Company size: More than 10 employees

Description of the company:

Singularity Automation is an enterprise IoT platform company. Their current focus is on new age co-living, student housing, co-working and budget hotel industry, helping them manage thousands of properties across the country.

They use state-of-the-art technology to help these companies achieve operational efficiency in a never seen before manner through effective usage of IoT.

The challenge

Transfer their marketing process from e-mail to WhatsApp


The majority of their promotions were distributed through email marketing processes.

Their conversion rates were declining as their audience now uses WhatsApp as a platform for their communications.

All processes had to be done manually.

The Solution

Conversation and follow-up automation.


By using Woztell, Singularity Automation can now have all their conversations centralized in one place.

They have greater control over the management of their messages and marketing promotions, and they have a faster workflow thanks to automation.

Singularity Automation Mobile

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