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Discover how an insurance company from Argentina managed to increase x4 its revenue in less than 6 months by using WhatsApp Cloud API with a human touch.


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SegurLine WhatsApp
SegurLine WhatsApp
Company: SegurLine
Country: Argentina
Industry: Insurance
Features: Live chat and chatbots
Platform: WhatsApp Cloud API

SegurLine needed a way to communicate with its leads and customers immediately and conveniently. The first lead that entered when they launched the company requested to continue the conversation via WhatsApp.

SegurLine WhatsApp
SegurLine WhatsApp
SegurLine WhatsApp

Who is SegurLine??

SegurLine is an online insurance consultancy that has quotation, sales, and advisory services for different types of insurance, mainly automobile.

It is a multi-quote online car insurance platform in which when the lead arrives at the page, he enters his vehicle data and his data, and obtains more than 25 options in a few moments.

The project started in November 2017 and went to the market in May 2018. Since they started, they have taken into account the changing trends in consumer behavior, who want greater immediacy and convenience in customer service.

Throughout their trajectory, they have had exponential growth that has managed to overcome the different crises of the country and the pandemic. All these factors influenced the consumers’ behavior of their leads and customers.

This growth drove SegurLine to look for a more efficient way to communicate with them.

What did SegurLine need?

Improve communication with leads and customers which also allows them to trace the data.

When SegurLine went to market, the first lead that contact them requested to continue the conversation via WhatsApp, because at that moment he couldn’t continue over the phone. This was the first sign that they needed to use WhatsApp as a communication channel.

In the very beginning, they had 3 customers per month, and about 4 leads every day, so they used the WhatsApp Business App to talk with them. However, this number increased rapidly, and nowadays they interact with thousands of people every day, so the Business version was no longer enough due to the limitation of only being able to answer one person.

Additionally, they realized that the new leads aren’t the only ones who are looking for information and car insurance quotations. Many customers look for insurance for another vehicle and additional coverage.

With the rise of users who were acquiring more products, there was also the need to trace the information so they wouldn’t miss any data and to be able to provide better attention. To achieve this, they needed everything to be connected to their CRM and conventional WhatsApp didn’t allow them to do so.

On the other hand, the need for a more powerful version of WhatsApp also became evident since their communications don’t end in a sale. SegurLine offers continuous assistance during the life of the insurance, so their customers contact them when a claim occurs.

What was the solution?

To stand out over the competition they started to make the quote and sales process in WhatsApp and not by e-mail or phone calls.

When they went to market and saw what the competition was doing, in SegurLine realized that the way to stand out in their sector was the way to communicate with the users. In Argentina, most people use WhatsApp, so using this channel was a way to facilitate communication and make it more convenient.

When they went to market and saw what the competition was doing, in SegurLine realized that the way to stand out in their sector was the way to communicate with the users. In Argentina, most people use WhatsApp, so using this channel was a way to facilitate communication and make it more convenient.

Maximiliano Díaz – CEO & Founder SegurLine

Let’s see some of their results:

Response times improved
With faster responses, they could offer a high-quality service.

Better organization
Now they can organize the chat in categories (sales, payments, accidents), have drafts and assign agents or groups to a chat.

Also, all the departments of the company can work on the same number so as not to confuse customers and not overwhelm the work team.

All the processes are integrated into their CRM, which allows them to create automations, start conversations, and much more. The CRM also allows them to trace the information and can see all the conversations, inspection photos, and other documentation.

They also have automations with WorkFlows to send reminders of the expiration date of the insurance, birthday messages, etc. All is triggered automatically from the CRM with the information they collected.

In only 6 months they achieved:


In messages

July 2022: 6,684 messages
January 2023: 15,096 messages



July 2022: 708 DAU
January 2023: 1,752 DAU


New users

July 2022: 293 new users
January 2023: 811 new users

We present you the SegurLine chatbots

SegurLine created chatbots that facilitate and speed up the car insurance quotation process without losing the human factor. These virtual assistants are, in the words of Maximiliano Díaz, “one of the greatest prides of 2022”.

“It was a before and after the chatbot.”

Maximiliano Díaz – CEO & Founder SegurLine

The main chatbot activates when a user arrives through an entry point to WhatsApp, i.e. a campaign. The virtual assistant asks if the user is a customer or not, and from that point, there is a conversation flow for each option.

If it is a customer, the bot asks for the policy number and what they need help with. This way, the agents know from the first moment what the customer needs and the agents can send a more immediate response.

As new needs arise over time, SegurLine updates this chatbot to adapt it to changes in the market or consumer behavior.

“It adds up to a lot that I was able to do it myself, as I am the one who knows the business.”

Maximiliano Díaz – CEO & Founder SegurLine

If users arrive via the website they have two options:

Quote via WhatsApp
For example, if the user clicks on “Quote via WhatsApp” he will be directed to a WhatsApp conversation with the predesigned message “I want to quote my car insurance”.

The automation recognizes these keywords, deactivates the main chatbot, and activates another one that directly compiles the necessary information and starts the quotation process.



If the user clicks on “Online Multi-quote”, he will be able to complete the information about his car on the web and obtain several options about insurance and coverage.

Once the user chooses the option he wants to purchase and clicks on “Contract”, he is directed to a WhatsApp conversation. The pre-designed message that opens this conversation has the quote identifier that already includes the previously entered data.

The chatbot sends the customer the registration form and once the customer completes it, he returns to the WhatsApp conversation. There a human agent checks that everything is correct, proceeds with the payment, and provides additional advice.

In this way, the sales process is carried out with automations and chatbots without losing sight of the human side, which is always necessary and always involved.

“We were wasting human time that we could be using for much more valuable things, such as advising on a claim over the phone or providing peace of mind to a client who needs it at the moment”

Maximiliano Díaz – CEO & Founder SegurLine

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SegurLine WhatsApp