Use case: Remesas JJ

remesas jj

The Client

Industry: Logistics
Company: Remesas JJ
Company size: More than 10 employees.

Description of the company:

Remesas JJ is a Venezuelan based company dedicated to parcel delivery.

It was founded by a group of highly capable people focused on the need in the market for a practical and secure parcel delivery solution.

The challenge

Slow and manual management of whatsapp messages

Before using Woztell, Remesas JJ had to reply to messages manually. This was very time-consuming, as they had to reply to messages one by one.

They were saturated by WhatsApp messages and did not have time to respond in a timely manner.

The Solution

Reduction of waiting time and message optimization

After starting to use Woztell, Remesas JJ was better able to manage their messages.

By reducing wait time, they were able to improve customer management resulting in an increase in sales.

remesas jj movil

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