Use case: Rehman Medical Institute (RMI)


The Client

Industry: Healthcare
Company: Rehman Medical Institute (RMI)
Company size: More than 2000 employees
Integrator: Woztell

Description of the company:

Located at the western gateway to Khyber. Founded in 2002 and located in Hayatabad, this 500+ bed centrally air-conditioned building is a state-of-the-art medical care centre offering preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In less than 20 years, the RMI has become one of the leading health institutes in the province. Rehman Medical Institute, with its highly qualified health professionals and specialised consultants, offers a wide range of medical, surgical and diagnostic services to its clients.

The challenge

Improving customer experience and enhancing patient care

Rehman Medical Institute has always been keen towards patient care and facilitating all types of requests and queries.

Before using Woztell, RMI was facing the challenge of not being able to keep track of massive requests from patients on WhatsApp.  

Another challenge was to trace the conversation record between patient and RMI agents.

The Solution

Automation of patient requests and monitoring broadcast messages

Rehman Medical Institute is now using Woztell to keep track of all WhatsApp requests and queries. Woztell has solved the challenge of facilitating and monitoring patient queries for RMI on WhatsApp.

It is a huge accomplishment that RMI can now track agent and patient conversations and is able to manage communications efficiently.

Chatbots have made it easy to manage multiple patient requests in less time.

Furthermore, WhatsApp conversation templates are time saving and help answer repetitive requests. They have enabled communication agents to be more efficient and perform duties effectively.

The major impact of using Woztell is that it has made communications effective and efficient, while at the same time making it easy to track requests and conversations at any time.

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