Proyectos Cordillera Success Story

Integrating WhatsApp and ChatGPT as the cornerstone of customer communication.

The implementation of WOZTELL has positioned Proyectos Cordillera at the forefront of customer service in real estate.


Company: Proyectos Cordillera
Industry: Real Estate
Function: Chatbot with ChatGPT
Platform: WhatsApp Cloud API

Proyectos Cordillera is a company dedicated to the development of high quality real estate projects.

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Who is Proyectos Cordillera?

Proyectos Cordillera has established itself as a leading real estate developer in Costa Rica

Proyectos Cordillera stands as a flagship of real estate development in Costa Rica, a company that has transcended the traditional boundaries of construction to create not just houses, but true homes full of life and possibilities.

Founded on the principles of innovation, sustainability and quality, this company has spent years perfecting the art of building residential communities that harmonize with the natural and cultural environment of one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet.

What did Proyectos Cordillera need?

Efficiency in customer management and sales process automation

Proyectos Cordillera faced the challenge of modernizing its customer and sales management system. The company needed to optimize lead acquisition and follow-up in order to respond effectively to the needs of its customers, thus improving the buying experience. The manual management of these processes was limiting their ability to expand and offer a quality service in line with their real estate developments.

In addition, they were looking to automate the sales cycle to increase their efficiency, from project presentation and appointment management to post-sales follow-up, ensuring personalized and timely attention. This need included a tool that would allow them to collect and analyze customer feedback to adjust their services and projects according to market demands.

In short, Proyectos Cordillera needed an integrated solution that would improve its internal operations, automate sales and customer management processes, and provide insights to further improve customer satisfaction, thus seeking a technology partner capable of supporting these objectives.

What was the solution for Proyectos Cordillera?

Integration of advanced technology to revolutionize property management

In its quest to innovate and improve customer and sales management, Proyectos Cordillera was faced with the need to incorporate a technological solution that would not only optimize its operations but also enrich the customer experience. The company was looking for a transformational change that would allow them to maintain their leadership in the Costa Rican real estate market.

Previously, Proyectos Cordillera faced significant challenges in managing its customer service. With a manual process that depended on employees’ working hours, it was difficult to provide quick and effective responses. The volume of information requests and appointments exceeded operational capacity, resulting in delays and a less-than-ideal customer experience.


The solution came from WOZTELL, which implemented a chatbot system integrating WhatsApp with the cognitive capacity of ChatGPT. This system allowed:

Response automation: Chatbots now handle common queries, providing accurate information on properties, availability and pricing without delay.

Uninterrupted assistance: With 24/7 support, customers can receive attention at any time, increasing satisfaction and engagement with the brand.

Appointment management: Chatbots are programmed to schedule visits to properties, coordinating with the sales calendar and offering immediate confirmations.

Advanced customization: Using CRM data, chatbots personalize communication, making recommendations based on customer preferences and previous behavior.

With this integration, Proyectos Cordillera not only optimized its customer service management, but also improved the efficiency of its sales processes by freeing staff from repetitive tasks and allowing them to focus on providing higher value-added customer service.

How Proyectos Cordillera uses WOZTELL

Proyectos Cordillera applies WOZTELL technology for:

Offer instant and personalized responses through chatbots on WhatsApp, significantly improving the shopping experience for customers.
Provide continuous 24/7 support, answering frequently asked questions, scheduling appointments and providing information about the properties..
Optimizing operational efficiency reducing the burden on customer service staff and reallocating resources to higher-value tasks.
Use data analysis to proactively adapt communication and sales strategies.

The collaboration has enabled Proyectos Cordillera to take customer service to a higher level, where speed and personalization of service translate into an exceptional shopping experience and increased sales efficiency.

The implementation of WOZTELL has positioned Proyectos Cordillera at the forefront of customer service in real estate, marking a milestone in the way of interacting with and satisfying the needs of clients in the sector.