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Get to know your customers and recommend products based on their needs instantly


One of the essential aspects to be able to close a sale is that your customers get to the product or service that best suits their needs.

But it is not always easy to find it and your customers will want to contact your company to find out what you recommend.

The problem

When your customers look for recommendations, they can do it through different channels.

Let’s look at some examples:


Although a website is essential for any type of business, it may not be the right place to find personalized recommendations.

Since it is a static site, it is not possible to understand the customers’ tastes. A great solution would be a physical store, where a sales assistant can help. But, there are much cheaper options…


One option is to create a newsletter and send it to your database.

This is a good option when you already have information in advance, but there are two main problems:

The opening rate of your emails is very low (20% opening rate on a good mailing).
You can only reach customers or potential customers who have already given you their information.

The latter case closes the door to those clients who have just met you and want to get a quick and instant recommendation.

Telephone service

To attend as many customers as possible, they also activate a telephone line with agents who provide personalized recommendations.

However, the costs are high and because the volume of calls is high, the waiting times are long, which generates a negative experience.


At WOZTELL we have created more than 100 chatbot templates ready to use in WhatsApp. Among all of them, we have one that will solve your problem: it recommends products based on your customers’ tastes and needs.

With this chatbot you will be able to:

  • Collect basic data from your customers.
  • Provide personalized recommendations based on customer feedback.
  • Give the option to speak to an agent once the user has received your recommendation.

Let’s see how this chatbot works:

This chatbot works with a csv organized by categories and subcategories.

In this document you must add the information of your products organized according to the flow of categories you want your customer to follow. In this way, your customer will advance between categories by means of messages with response buttons.

For example, if you have an automotive company, the first category could be car brands and each of these would have subcategories. We talk about engine type, capacity, etc. so that your customer can choose what they are looking for.

At the end of the flow, your client will receive a recommendation based on their responses and the option to speak with an agent or start the process over again to get another recommendation.

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Good practices

Here are some things to keep in mind when using this chatbot.

  • Write short messages that transmit the personality of your company.
  • Use emojis to give dynamism and naturalness to your messages.
  • Use multimedia elements, such as images or videos, to make your messages more attractive. If you have a clothing store or even a restaurant, your customers will want to see the product before making the purchase.
  • Always remember to include terms and conditions information, as this is a WhatsApp requirement for businesses.

 Step by step

Getting started with this chatbot is very easy and here is the step-by-step guide.

1. On the WOZTELL page click on Template Gallery.
2. Select the Product Recommendation template and download it.
3. Once you have the file, go to the WOZTELL platform and click on Bot Builder and then on Import Tree. Select the file you downloaded.
4. In order to start using the chatbot you must link it to your WhatsApp number. Go to Channels > Edit > Tree settings > New tree > Select the chatbot > Select the global nodes > Save
5. Edit the csv template you find in the download link with the categories and information for each product you want to include.
6. Once you have it, you must import the csv in a DataSource. To do this go to Data Source > New Data Source > Import > choose the file > activate parse JSON > import.
7. Remember to copy the data source ID to paste it in the corresponding field in Config map.
8. In the right pane, in Tree Manager, go to the bottom under Config Map. There you should modify the following data:

  • Linktyc: the link to your terms and conditions (required to comply with WhatsApp’s policies)
  • Company_name: the name of your company
  • DataSourceID: paste the data source ID of the data source in which is the csv from which the chatbot will extract the data.
  • DataSourceSave: paste the data source ID to store your customers’ data.

9. In each node you can edit the message. First set the platform preferences in WhatsApp Cloud. Then just click on the node you want to modify and in the reply section in the content field you can write the text you want to send.

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With this WhatsApp chatbot your customers will receive recommendations based on their tastes and needs immediately on their favorite channel.

You can forget about the manual process and offer personalized attention.

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