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Developed by our partner Sanuker

Discover how PlayStation managed to gather players’ preferences with the help of a chatbot developed by our partner, Sanuker.


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Completion rate of the survey
PlayStation HK Success Story
Partner: Sanuker
Company: PlayStation HK
Industry: Gaming
Feature: Survey
Platform: Facebook Messenger

PlayStation is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is a gaming brand that produces video game console, handhelds and controllers.

What did PlayStation need?

Understanding User Preferences for Upcoming Games

PlayStation, with the assistance of our partner Sanuker, launched a survey chatbot to gather players’ preferences for upcoming game releases for the next year. Gamers were challenged to answer all the questions asked by the Chatbot.

What was the solution?

Survey with Chances to Win Prizes

In exchange, they were given the opportunity to enter a raffle where they could potentially win a brand new PS4 Pro or the most popular games.

The guidelines were uncomplicated. By sharing it with a distinct friend, the chatbot would provide them with an additional entry in the raffle. Consequently, the chatbot experienced significant organic outreach as gamers shared it within their social networks.

Furthermore, they introduced a hidden feature in the chatbot, which offered Dragon Quest Builder 2 DLC codes to gamers who expressed interest in the game Dragon Quest.


Completion rate of the survey

PlayStation survey chatbot

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