Send a payment reminder

How to send a payment reminder with WhatsApp broadcast messages


As you probably know, getting a customer to the payment stage is not easy.

Before that moment, they must go through different pre-sales stages until they find the product they need. And once they do that, you need your customer to finalize the payment so that all the pre-sales effort finally pays off.

And if your e-commerce is based on subscriptions or monthly payments (i.e. telecommunications or magazines), you need an effective way to keep them paying every month. Additionally, you need a place where you can easily solve questions.

The problem

Let’s see an example:

Imagine you are part of the sales team of a phone company, and many of your customers forget to pay their monthly data fee.

Your plan to remind them is to send a SMS 3 days before the plan is due, and to call 3 days after the due date if they didn’t complete the payment.

Although the customer reads the SMS, they can’t interact with them, so they are not useful if the customer has a problem. Making calls interrupts your customers’ day and a lot of them just hang up.


As part of the sales department, you seek advice about different communication channels that you can use, and you find out that with WhatsApp Cloud API you can:
  • Send broadcast messages to send payment reminders. Whether they didn’t comp`lete a payment or about a monthly payment.
  • Create interactive messages with a CTA button that directs to the payment platform.
  • Send multimedia messages.


One of the biggest advantages of WhatsApp messages over SMS is the interaction (that SMS doesn’t have).

Pro tip: A personalized message is more attractive for your customers. A good idea is to put your customer’s name or some information they have given you before.

 The results


WhatsApp open rate


E-mail open rate  


SMS open rate


Tasa de clic WhatsApp


Tasa de clic e-mail


Tasa de clic SMS


Tasa de apertura WhatsApp


E-mail open rate  


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E-mail click-through rate


SMS click-through rate

Good practices

To be able to send Broadcast Messages on WhatsApp, first you need to create a message template.

You can create a template with a CTA button that directs to the payment platform. This way you make things easy for your customers.

You can create these templates with WOZTELL, and once WhatsApp approves them, you can use them in your Broadcast Messages.

Step by step

Send broadcast messages is very easy with WOZTELL and WhatsApp Cloud API:

  1. Log-in to your WOZTELL account or register for free.
  2. If you haven’t done it, configure your WhastApp channel in our platform.
    *You must have a WhatsApp Cloud API number to link that must be live and have a verified Facebook Messenger Business account.
  3. Create a WhatsApp message template.
  4. To create a new audience you can select existing members or import them.
  5. Configure the broadcast messages with the audience, day, time, and WhatsApp template that you want.
  6. Once you send your message you will have access to the results.

Pro tip: With the new WOZTELL and Zoho CRM integration you can create audiences to send broadcast messages in an easier way.


To think about your customers is to know that they are busy and have a lot on their minds.

This can result in forgetting a payment, whether one-time or monthly. Here lies the importance of finding ways to remind them of the payment without interrupting their day and through a convenient channel from which they can pay.

WhatsApp Cloud API and WOZTELL give you the tools you need to give your customers a great shopping experience.

Finally, let’s look at some of the advantages of sending broadcast messages:

  • It doesn’t interrupt your customers’ day: they can open the message whenever they want.
  • The messages are interactive: you can include buttons to direct to the payment platform.
  • It’s a conversational platform: your clients can answer the message and start a conversation if they need to.

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