Make a payment through WhatsApp

How to facilitate payment processes using WhatsApp live chat

The challenge

When you are part of the sales department of a company, either B2B or B2C, you know that going from the pre-sales stage to the sales stage can be difficult.

Nurture a client takes a lot of work and effort. and you must offer great service in each stage of the customer service to obtain results.

At this point, it is important to make the payment process as easy as it can be, so your customers have a seamless experience. And if you have an e-commerce this is essential, since your customers don’t have the option to approach a physical store to complete the payment.

The problem

After an analysis of the actions of the customers on the webpage, the sales team realized that many were interested in their products. but did not complete the payment.

This resulted in loosing sales because the customers wanted an easier and faster process that they looked for with the competence.

The Solution

After some research, they discovered that WhatsApp has options to facilitate the payment process. Since this channel has been useful in other stages, they decided to implement it in this one.

WhatsApp is currently working in a direct payment in the chat that is already in testing in India and Brazil. Soon it will be available in the rest of the world.

In the meantime, businesses need strategies to keep their customers interested and give them a great experience. The good news? You can use WhatsApp to direct them to the payment platform.

Picture this:

A client that chose their products on the webpage couldn’t make the payment because they didn’t understand the platform or had to leave their house and couldn’t finish the purchase on their computer. So, they write to you on WhatsApp asking for help. 

CTA button

After knowing the problem, you can create a cart with your customer’s products and send them a message with a CTA button that directs them to the payment platform. There they will only need to complete the payment information.

You can also use this button if the client chooses their products in a WhatsApp conversation. You just create the shopping cart with the products and direct them to the payment platform.


Card on file

If you are talking with a frequent customer, you can offer them to pay with card that they used previously and that you have on your file. You can ask for their approval in the WhatsApp conversation.


Pro tip:

It is important that you have a verification process with security questions, for example:

  • Date of birth
  • Date of the last purchase
  • Name of their first pet

The results

1 - 4 %

Conversion rate without WhatsApp

45 - 60%

Conversion rate with WhatsApp

1 - 4 %

Conversion rate without WhatsApp

45 - 60%

Conversion rate with WhatsApp

Good practices

To send a message with a CTA button you must previously configure it using a WhatsApp template.

These messages have two main elements: text and button, but you can also add multimedia elements.

We recommend you to include relevant information about the purchase. The trick is to keep it short: 10 lines (WhatsApp format) are enough.

Also, emojis and clear call to action can boost the interaction rates.

In the button section of the template you must include the URL to the payment platform and add a text to the button that is clear and appealing.

Step by step

With WOZTELL you can create the templates to have your messages ready to send. There you have access to all the resources you need.

Let’s see the step by step

  1. Go to the WhatsApp channel and then Platform > Message Template.
  2. Click on create.
  3. Choose a name (no spaces or caps)..
  4. Choose the category. In this case Marketing.
  5. Complete the fields. Only Body is mandatory.
  6. Configure the buttons. For this case, choose Call to action. Complete the Button text and URL it will direct.
  7. Click on submit and wait for the WhatsApp approval.
(PS: Creating an account and set up your WhatsApp number will only take you 10 minutes!)
Make a payment through WhatsApp


The world moves full speed and the trends and customer behavior change all the time.

For this reason, it is important that your company is up to date and updates its processes to meet the new needs

Everyday more and more people want to use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses, and yours must be prepared for this new conversational trend that keeps growing.

WhatsApp is the tool you need to communicate with your customers, and as you saw in this use case, you can facilitate the payment with a simple message.

Start using WhatsApp Cloud API with WOZTELL and make the most out of all the tools and resources that we offer you to talk with your customers on their favorite channel.

Make a payment through WhatsApp
Make a payment through WhatsApp