Chatbot template for non-working hours in WhatsApp

How to inform your customers that you are not on business hours with a WhatsApp chatbot


Regardless of the industry and type of company, they all have customer service hours with agents, but that doesn’t stop customers from writing outside of those hours.

And if these messages go unanswered, it can create a negative experience. Especially if they are new customers who probably don’t know your hours.

For this reason, it is important to have help to respond to these messages and inform your customers about your opening hours. But, if there is no one “in the office”… how can you do it?

The problem

To know the behavior of your customers, you analyze the messages that arrive outside your business hours. At the end, you realize that many opportunities arrive during those hours, but because you are not able to respond to them, they do not turn into sales.

However, having the financial resources to hire enough agents to cover the 24-hour schedule is beyond the reach of many companies.


After some research, you discover that at WOZTELL there is a ready to use chatbot template that automatically unsubscribes customers who request it.

This chatbot starts with a push notification or a message template with an unsubscribe button.

When your customer clicks on the button, the chatbot activates and automatically unsubscribes them from your company’s communications. This way, only the customers who are really interested in your messages will receive them.

You will save costs and your messages will have a better chance of generating a sale.

The results


Increase in customer satisfaction


Savings in customer service costs


Of users enjoy the speed with which a chatbot responds


Increase in customer satisfaction


Savings in customer service costs


Of users enjoy the speed with which a chatbot responds

Good practices

When it comes to customer service, immediacy and friendliness are essential.

Immediacy is already covered with the chatbot. Now be sure to create a friendly message that assures your customer that they can find you available to help them during business hours.

Also, it is good to indicate when you will be available.

Since with this chatbot you can schedule a period when your customer will no longer receive a response, we recommend that you choose one that suits your needs and the behavior of your customers.



When your customers write to you after hours and don’t receive a response, they may feel ignored, which will create a negative experience.

An immediate response, telling them that you are currently unavailable and informing them of your hours of operation, can make a difference and get them to contact you again at another time.

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