Use case: NUVA


The Client

Industry: Technology
Company: NUVA
Company size: More than 80 employees

Description of the company:

NUVA is a company dedicated to digital transformation. They offer efficient, flexible and dynamic technological tools and are experts in technological solutions for businesses.

They enhance client productivity and competitiveness with G Suite and Google Cloud Platform. Through Zoho CRM, they improve business processes and increase sales for your organization.

The challenge

Manually manage communications.


Initially, NUVA had to manage everything manually.

Most of their messages were coming in via WhatsApp web, which would sometimes get disconnected, creating a huge challenge.

Their agents lost control of the information and many of these chats could not be answered.

The Solution

A system to manage all communications in one place.


By starting to use Woztell, NUVA was able to have all their conversations in one place.

They also had more control over the conversations, as they could start assigning them to agents.

Now all agents had their own conversations and could follow up on them.


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