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Discover how a medical aesthetic clinic achieved a 100% attendance rate

Noelia Gon’s aesthetic clinic increased its appointment attendance by 40% and attracted loyal clients through personalized promotions via WhatsApp.


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Noelia Gon. Historia de éxito
Noelia Gon. Historia de éxito

Company: Noelia Gon | Aesthetic Clinic
Industry: Health
Function: Marketing Automation
Platform: WhatsApp Cloud API

Noelia Gon is an aesthetic clinic located in Barcelona, offering aesthetic services as well as personal care and wellness.

Automatización del Marketing
Automatización del Marketing
Automatización del Marketing

Who is Noelia Gon, Aesthetic Clinic?

An aesthetic clinic that offers aesthetic services as well as personal care and wellness

Noelia Gon is a Spanish aesthetic clinic, located in Barcelona, that offers services like:
– Instrumentation
– Facial aesthetic medicine
– Body aesthetic medicine
– Aesthetic products

They have two clinics located in Barcelona and Sitges and have industry professionals specialized in laser medicine, instrumentation, and image consultants, among others.

At Noelia Gon, not only are they experts in image for their clients, as could not be otherwise, they also take the image of their company very seriously for client attraction. Therefore, they wanted to implement a marketing strategy that would allow them to automate all the actions that help them in the promotion and sale of treatments, as well as ensuring that these are carried out and ensuring that the appointments go off without a hitch.

WOZTELL increases our efficiency and productivity, the relationship between time and money. Thanks to the increase in attendance of scheduled appointments, my time is much better distributed.

Daniel Taborda – Medical Director of Clinicas Noelia Gon

What did Noelia Gon Clinics need?

Minimize absenteeism from scheduled appointments

IS Group’s main need was to be able to manage the leads that came to their real estate company in order to contact them in order to increase the chances of closing a sale.

During this period, they noticed a new problem: the leads were disappearing and for different reasons, they did not answer the emails and the communication was not efficient through other channels.

Once a user filled out a contact form or searched for information about a property, it took between 2 and 3 days before a salesperson contacted them.

This delay resulted in a low response rate to follow-up emails. The main causes being that they had already forgotten that they wanted information or had lost interest.

What was the solution?

Automate the sending of messages to leads and salespeople.

At Noelia Gon Clinics, they began working with WOZTELL six months ago to make a change in their communication strategy.
Noelia Gon needed a solution to minimize absenteeism from scheduled appointments, which caused time and money losses due to empty spaces in the schedule that could not be covered with other appointments.


Before using WOZTELL, the clinic carried out all communications by email, which resulted in a high rate of absenteeism at appointments and little effectiveness in their campaigns. However, since they started using WOZTELL six months ago, their productivity has significantly increased. The non-attendance rate at scheduled appointments has dropped by 40%, allowing them to use their time and resources more efficiently.


Implementation, by WOZTELL, of a series of strategies focused on communication and personalization of their services:

  1. Appointment reminder automation: Previously, the clinic sent appointment reminders by email, but has switched to WhatsApp, integrating it through the WOZTELL automation platform. This transition has allowed them to send personalized reminders to clients more effectively and comfortably. With this change, absenteeism has been reduced by 40%.
  2. Campaigns for different treatments: Noelia Gon is using WOZTELL to launch marketing campaigns for their different treatments, including their famous “Botox Barcelona” and “Lip fillers Barcelona”. These campaigns are segmented according to the treatments each client has previously received, offering them new services and complementary treatments.
  3. Up-Sellings and Cross-sellings: The clinic implements up-selling and cross-selling strategies through WhatsApp. Messages are sent to clients suggesting superior or complementary treatments to those they have previously received, based on their preferences and purchase history.
  4. Satisfaction survey: After each visit, satisfaction surveys are sent via WhatsApp. If the results are positive, the client is offered a discount on a treatment related to the one they have previously received.
The use of WOZTELL is revolutionizing the way the Aesthetic Clinic “Noelia Gon” communicates with its clients. As a result, a 100% client loyalty has been achieved through WhatsApp. In addition, the clinic reports a 35% increase in sales. Customer satisfaction also improves significantly, as reflected in the satisfaction surveys and in the positive comments received via WhatsApp. In short, the switch to WOZTELL is propelling “Noelia Gon” to a new level of success in the aesthetic industry in Barcelona.

You can see the website of
Noelia Gon, Aesthetic Clinic here

Noelia Gon. Historia de éxito