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Now your customers will be able to subscribe to their favorite topics in a WhatsApp conversation


No matter what type of business you have, your customers are likely to have different interests.

And, as your business grows, it can be difficult to keep your database up to date. And we’re not just talking about which customers want to know about a certain topic or who asked to unsubscribe.

One consequence of this is that some customers receive information on topics that don’t interest them and others receive it even after they have unsubscribed.

This can create a negative experience, so you need a strategy for managing subscriptions and unsubscribes.

The problem

To solve this problem you try different strategies with the following objectives:

  • Know what topics each customer is interested in
  • If they want to subscribe to a new topic
  • If they want to stop receiving information

The first strategy you try is a form on the website.

When your customer logs into their account they can access a form that gives them different theme options to subscribe or they can also unsubscribe.

However, the process is too long and requires too many clicks.

As a result, your customers don’t get to subscribe to the topics they are most interested in and miss out on the offers you have worked so hard on.

Also, since there is no quick and easy way to unsubscribe, customers who have lost interest in a topic continue to receive your communications and this ends up annoying them.

Another way is to try using e-mail to invite your customers to subscribe to new topics or to unsubscribe if they have lost interest.

However, the e-mail open rate is very low (maximum 20%) and the click-through rate barely reaches 4%. This has two consequences:

  • Very few customers read the information you send so your messages are not having the conversion rate you expected.
  • Many customers call or write to you to ask to subscribe to a topic or unsubscribe because they can’t find an easy way to do it in the e-mails.


When you see these results, you decide to look for another solution.


In WOZTELL there is a newsletter chatbot for WhatsApp with which your customers can subscribe and receive push notifications on WhatsApp on the topic of their choice. It also gives them the option to unsubscribe if they wish.

Let’s take a look at the main features of this chatbot:

  • When a customer who is not subscribed, the chatbot gives them all the available topic options to choose what they want to receive information about.
  • If the customer is already subscribed to a topic, the chatbot will give them two options:
    • Subscribe to a new topic, with a list button that includes the available topics (only shows the topics to which the customer is not subscribed).
    • Unsubscribe from a topic. For this, the chatbot offers a list button with the topics to which the customer is subscribed.
  • After subscribing or unsubscribing, the chatbot sends a message informing that the process was successful and gives the option to subscribe to another topic or unsubscribe from another topic.
  • In addition, this chatbot reminds your customers that this number only sends notifications and that no agent will respond to them in case they write.

 The results


Customer satisfaction


Response rate


More registrations with a chatbot


Customer satisfaction rate


More registrations with a chatbot


Customer satisfaction rate


Response rate


Customer satisfaction

Good practices

This chatbot is very useful to know the interests of your customers and will allow you to reach people who are really interested in your communications.

Therefore, a good practice is to honor the wishes of your customers and send them only the content in which they are interested.

Remember that the message informing that this number is only for notifications is very important and should be clear so that your customers do not seek support through this channel.

Step by step

Getting started with this chatbot is very easy and here is the step-by-step guide.

1. On the WOZTELL page click on Template Gallery.
2. Select the newsletter template and download it.
3. Once you have the file, go to the WOZTELL platform and click on Bot Builder and then on Import Tree. Select the file you downloaded.
4. In order to start using the chatbot you must link it to your WhatsApp number. Go to Channels > Edit > Tree settings > New tree > Select the chatbot > Select the global nodes > Save.
5. In the right pane in Tree Manager, go to the bottom under Config Map. There you should modify the following data:

  • Linktyc: the link to your terms and conditions (mandatory to comply with WhatsApp policies).
  • Company_name: the name of your company.
  • Topics: write the topics for your customers to subscribe to the ones they are most interested in. Remember to write them in quotation marks and each one in one line.

6. In each node you can edit the message. First set the platform preferences in WhatsApp Cloud. Then just click on the node you want to modify and in the reply section in the content field you can write the text you want to send.

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With this chatbot your customers will be able to subscribe or unsubscribe to specific topics easily and in a WhatsApp conversation.

This will help you reach the people who are really interested in your communications and send them updates on topics that really interest them.

Download your template here.

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Event chatbot on WhatsApp
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