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The Hong Kong fin-tech company implemented chatbot and live chat solutions on WhatsApp and website to automate the large volume of customers enquiries


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mReferral WhatsApp, chat web and Slack
Partner: Sanuker
Company: mReferral
Industry: Fin-tech
Feature: Customer service
Platform: WhatsApp Business Platform, webchat and Slack

Founded in 2000, mReferral Corporation (HK) Limited has become one of the largest fin-tech companies in Hong Kong, partnering with over 70 banks to provide 100+ mortgages and refinance products to more than 370K customers. Pioneering in digitalization in fin-tech, the company aims to provide the best financial management experience to meet customers’ ever-increasing demands via innovative technologies.

mReferral WhatsApp, chat web and Slack

What did Maxim’s Cake need?

Engaging existing customers

mReferral is dedicated to providing the best financial management experience to customers and adopting the automated personalised customer assistant on WhatsApp and website.

Aimed at delivering real-time and personalised responses to customers while alleviating the agent’s time cost in answering thousands of enquiries.

What was the solution?

Faster, simpler and 24/7 mortgage adviser at your service

With over 20 years of experience in mortgage, mReferral fully understands the customers’ pain points. Facing the large variety of mortgage products in the market can be overwhelming for customers to search for a suitable solution. Hence, mReferral implemented chat automation and live chat solutions on WhatsApp and website to provide simple and instantaneous responses to customer enquiries a few clicks.
Automated tailored response

To facilitate the mortgage process, mReferral greatly enhanced customer experience with automated responses tailored to customers’ needs and preferences. They spent hours researching mortgages where mReferral transformed the way by using categorized hot topics and information, ranging from product details to the latest offers in the market, into a bot; allowing customers to look for the most suitable solution according to their interests and needs.

mReferral WhatsApp, chat web and Slack
Partnering with Sanuker, expert in business messaging solution, mReferral also integrated a mortgage calculator to the bot, where users can easily estimate the property value and calculate mortgage.

Other than simplifying the research process, mReferral speed up response time via chat automation with the use of chatbot to handle customers’ enquiries at large-scale. It not only significantly reduces customers’ time and effort but also alleviates agents’ workload in answering common questions in the nurturing process. The automated response provides instant solutions to customers enquires and boosts up customer satisfaction.

Seamless customer experience

After engaging with the bot, customers may want to reach out to a live agent on professional advice. The live chat solution enables customers to submit live chat requests whenever needed; the chat conversation history offers insights into customers’ enquiries and assigns suitable agents to follow up. Hence, customers’ enquires are handled much quicker while utilising agents’ efforts at the same time.

Discover more with WhatsApp: Bolster customer retention with opt-in feature

WhatsApp is a primary communication tool commonly used among customers of all ages in Hong Kong, mReferral saw an opportunity to connect customers through a direct access channel.

When customers first started the conversation on WhatsApp with mReferral, they can opt in to receive WhatsApp notifications of the market’s latest news, products and services. mReferral can keep customers informed, serving as a credible channel for customers to outreach with a verified WhatsApp account.

In the future, mReferral can collect and analyse customers’ interests and behaviours with the data collected from conversations and actualize more detailed retargeting.

What customers say

mReferral is the pioneer in the mortgage industry, we have to handle a large number of client enquiries daily and the demand is ever increasing. Clients are always looking for accurate information and reaching our customer service executive within a very short time. By introducing Sanuker’s chatbot solution, the system can easily diversify the enquiry traffic. The automated system handles the general enquiries, while it directs the live chat requests to our staff in no time. We are sure that user experience is now uplifted, and the entire enquiry procedure becomes more efficient and effective.

Kostka Cheung
Chief Operating Officer, mReferral
Mortgage Brokerage Services