Use case: Moffat Eye Care Group

Moffatt Optical

The Client

Industry: Healthcare
Company: Moffatt Eye Care
Company size: From 50 to 200 employees
Implanter: Woztell

Description of the company:

Moffat Eye Care is an optometrist clinic. Their professionals are experts in vision therapy and provide individualized care through quality products and the latest technologies.

At Moffatt Eye Care, their mission is to improve vision through properly prescribed lenses, fun and stylish eyewear, advanced materials and early disease detection with the latest computerized diagnostic technologies.

The challenge

Improve customer service, reduce customer complaints

Prior to using Woztell, the customers of Moffatt Eye Care Group had to deal with long waiting periods for scheduling appointments and payment inquiries.

With no mapping for conversations, Moffatt Eye Care Group found follow up difficult, so they decided to revamp their customer engagement strategy.

They wanted to assign conversations to their agents and at the same time have the possibility to do so from multiple devices while maintaining consistency across all brands under their umbrella.

The Solution

Unified and centralised communication and payment follow-ups

By using Woztell, Moffatt Eye Care Group can now assign conversations to their agents.  

With the multi-number and LiveChat option for the all three eye care businesses, appointments and pre-payments are now being completely handled online.

This improvement along with the consistency in service that the brands are now providing, has been very well-received and has resulted in an improved perception of the business among their customer base.

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