Midland Realty

Success Story

With WhatsApp, Midland Realty enhanced its service by providing quick and personalized responses, thereby optimizing its opportunities and boosting its sales.


Increase in sales conversions online in less than a year


of leads coming through WhatsApp addressed within one minute


customer satisfaction scores for WhatsApp
Midland Realty WhatsApp Success Story

Partner: Sanuker
Company: Midland Realty
Industry: Real Estate
Function: WhatsApp chatbot, Lead Generation
Platform: WhatsApp Business Platform

Midland Realty WhatsApp Success Story

Who is Midland Realty?

Midland Realty, a leading real estate agency in Hong Kong, revolutionized its customer engagement and sales process by integrating WhatsApp Business Platform into its communication channels. This strategic move enabled faster, more personalized service, significantly increasing lead response efficiency and online sales.

What did Midland Realty need?

Transforming Customer Service

Midland Realty aimed to enhance customer service quality in the competitive Hong Kong housing market. The goal was to provide quick, efficient, and personalized responses to customer inquiries, improving the customer experience and increasing the effectiveness of their sales leads.

What was the solution for Midland Realty?

Elevating Customer Engagement

Midland Realty partnered with our partner Sanuker to develop a robust communications channel using WhatsApp Business Platform. This solution allowed potential customers to contact agents directly via WhatsApp when they found a property of interest on Midland Realty’s website. The system was designed to ensure rapid response, with chats being rerouted to available agents if the primary agent couldn’t respond within a minute. Additionally, a chatbot feature provided customers with menu options to filter their property preferences before connecting them to an agent. This integration facilitated immediate communication and enabled Midland Realty to monitor agents’ performance and improve service quality continuously.

What was the results for Midland Realty?

Increased sales and customer satisfaction score

The implementation of WhatsApp as a communication tool proved highly successful for Midland Realty

  • In less than a year, 50% of the company’s online sales were attributed to WhatsApp.
  • 80% of leads coming through WhatsApp were addressed within one minute.
  • The company achieved a 97% customer satisfaction score for services provided over WhatsApp.
  • The new system helped save 83% of leads that might otherwise have been lost.

This innovative approach not only enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction but also significantly boosted Midland Realty’s online sales, demonstrating the effectiveness of WhatsApp as a powerful tool in real estate customer service and sales.

“Customers appreciate our immediate, consultative experience over WhatsApp, giving an overall 97 percent satisfaction rating. With agents more knowledgeable about a customer’s preferences, we’ve seen over 50 percent of our online sales come from WhatsApp in less than a year.”
Lawrence Chau. Head of Marketing, Marketing Communications, Midland Realty

Midland Realty’s success story was featured on the WhatsApp official page.