Use case: Médico protegido

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The Client

Industry: Insurance
Company: Médico Protegido
Company size: More than 20 employees
Integrator: Millennials consulting

Description of the company:

Médico Protegido is a program developed by GyR Afiliaciones de Riesgos, an insurance consultancy firm dedicated to the creation of Sector Insurance Programs. Its purpose is to carry out risk assessments to detect the real needs of the health sector.

In 2001, they learned that in order to achieve their objectives they needed to know the risks associated with their industry, and having a specialized consultancy guarantees the income protection and economic stability.

Over the course of 20 years, they have created and adapted existing insurance products to fulfil the purpose for which they started this project, based on their pillars: Education, Protection and Stability.

The challenge

Customer complaints, caused by deficiencies in customer service

Before using Woztell, Medico Protegido had a lot of clients on hold, many of the questions related to their policies, as well as questions about their services.

Not being able to assign the conversations made it very difficult to follow up on them.

Medico Protegido chose to look for an alternative that would allow them to assign conversations to their agents while still being able to connect from multiple devices.

The Solution

Unified, centralized communications

After starting to use Woztell, Medico Protegido was able to start assigning conversations to their agents.

As a result, this had a good impact on customer service, as the service was more efficient.

Customers were getting the answers they needed and, above all, agents were working with less uncertainty.

medico protegido en phone

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