Success Story

Developed by our partner Sanuker

Discover the magic of Mattel: conveying corporate values through an interactive chatbot.

Chatbot proves to be an effective communication tool to educate employees

A global launch in all its main offices across APAC region and Europe

Mattel Interactive Chatbot Game
Partner: Sanuker
Company: Mattel
Industry: Toys
Feature: Chatbot game
Platform: Web

Mattel Inc. is an American multinational toy manufacturing company founded in 1945 (NASDAQ: MAT). It is the world’s second largest toy maker in terms of revenue.

What did Mattel need?

Communicating Company Values

The aim is to develop a healthy and cheerful working environment while maintaining the high output of quality products from different teams.

Mattel’s Educational Gaming Chatbot is deployed to the rest of the world starting from Hong Kong office, by our partner Sanuker, providing a fun and interactive way to communicate those values to all Mattel staffs.

What was the solution?

Interactive Chatbot Game

The chatbot will guide staff to search for clues in the office as well as challenging them with brain teasers. Once they have completed, each of them will receive a gift coupon as a token of appreciation.


Seamless internal and external communication, effectively utilizing CS team resources.
Compared to traditional hotline and email responses:

1. the efficiency of resolving customer issues has increased by 70%
2. customer satisfaction has increased by 17%, and
3. the efficiency of self-solving problems has reached 70%, the highest of all customer service channels.