Use case: Más Atotomóviles

Más Automóviles

The Client

Industry: Automotive
Company: Más Automóviles
Company size: More than 10 employees
Implementer: Neointec

Description of the company:

Más Automóviles is an official dealer for Abarth, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Alfa Romeo and Jeep, with official service for Lancia, Chrysler and Dodge, in Leganés (Madrid).

Since 1994, Más Automóviles has been offering their customers all the models in the Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Jeep range, as well as an extensive catalogue of second-hand vehicles and the official after-sales service for the Lancia, Chrysler and Dodge brands.

The challenge

Increasing efficiency in customer management.

Initially, Más Automóviles had to manage all their calls and contacts manually, which greatly affected their response time.

In addition, many customer enquiries were repetitive, and agents had to write the same answers over and over again.

The Solution

Predefined answers and templates.

After using Woztell, Más Automóviles was able to manage frequently asked questions through templates.

These were already in the template, and their agents just had to select the answer.

This allowed them to handle more queries in less time.

mas auto en mockup

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