Lee Gardens
Success Story

Developed by our partner Sanuker

Sanuker, an automated conversation specialist, help Lee Gardens to design a chatbot game by Messenger.

Lee Gardens is the most luxury retail mall in Hong Kong, however it’s currently quite sparse. Customers visiting the area in limited numbers seldom visit luxury stores, clients engage with traditional ads at a decreasing rate.

The retail business has seen a significant digital transition over the last two years, impacting both the commerce and service sectors. It is the transition of business operations and sales from a traditional setting to a digital one where technology is used in management, sales, the launch of products, and customer service.

Lee Gardens Messenger Chatbot
Lee Gardens
Partner: Sanuker
Company: Lee Gardens
Industry: Shopping Mall
Feature: Chatbot Game
Platform: Facebook Messenger

The Lee Gardens area is Causeway Bay’s premium destination, offering first class business and retail facilities. As a magnet for exciting fashion, lifestyle products, hospitality and dining, Lee Gardens represents the heartbeat of Hong Kong. This high-energy zone truly stands among the most vital and dynamic journeys of discovery in the world, creating a choice location for people to work, shop and play.

Lee Gardens Messenger Chatbot

What did Lee Gardens need?

Difficulty in engaging with existing customer

Despite continuously lowering promotional prices and offering many goods in the mid-range and budget categories, the number of clients purchasing at shopping malls has not increased much.

Classic campaign themes pulled away audience engagement, therefore Lee Gardens need a solution to improve their customer experiences, it can help them to build a long-term commitment with consumers.

What was the solution?

A thrilling game that attract visitors

To commemorate a generation of superstars and to coincide with the release of the movie “Anita Mui”, Lee Theatre Plaza presents “Lee Theatre Christmas Rough x Anita” in November 2021. Lee Gardens collaborated with Sanuker, an automated conversation specialist, to help Lee Gardens design a chatbot game by Messenger.

Welcome to “Red Collection” in Lee Gardens areas, customers just need to scan the designated QR code and answer the question to collect 1 lip print, collect 3 lip prints to get a free mask. A significant effect of Gamification is that it encourages participants to respond and interact frequently, this also corresponds to the application of Gamification in business, where customers will be inadvertently motivated to interact more with customers, such as having the opportunity to receive more gifts and have more recognition.

Lee Gardens Messenger Chatbot

The Results

The prize of the game were all redeemed within 1 day

Lee Gardens observed 2000 players within the first day completed the chatbot challenge, this can be seen as an unexpected turning point that creates a premise for many offline customers to come to the shopping mall. Anita Mui Campaign also brought a lot of shoppers by the famous story, the grand prize of the game were all redeemed within 1 day.

People always want to have fun, participate in games, want to be rewarded, express themselves, competitive achievements. By using FB Messenger gamification chatbot, Sanuker helped Lee garden conquer the customer’s mind, so the campaign brought more success than expected.