Use case: Learning Lingos

learning lingos

The Client

Industry: Education
Company: Learning Lingos
Company size: More than 10 employees.
Implanter: WOZTELL

Description of the company:

Learning Lingos is a multilingual platform for children between the age of 2 -12. They offer fun, interactive and engaging virtual classes in English, Spanish and French.

The challenge

Difficulty in managing online classes

Before using Woztell, Learning Lingos was unable to respond to messages quickly and a lot of time was wasted in dealing with messages. This caused delays and there was a lot of dissatisfaction among parents of students.

  • Enrolment counsellors had to do everything from sending information, answering questions to following up with clients interested in enrolling.
  • To send notices to students, teachers had to do it one by one.
  • When they started losing customers due to these delays, they decided to make the move to digital transformation.

The Solution

Automation of notifications and use of bulk messaging

By starting with Woztell, Learning Lingos was able to use automated notifications to send messages to students. For example:

  • Reminders of documentation required for registration
  • Notifications about changes in classes or teachers

They also implemented automated messaging for enrolment management, integrating the service with Zoho CRM.

learning lingos en

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