Collect data and send a lead magnet with a WhatsApp chatbot

How to use a chatbot to collect data automatically and send a lead magnet


When you are part of the marketing team, you are always looking for new ideas and strategies to attract leads and turn them into customers. And we know this is not easy.

Data is becoming increasingly valuable. And many users refuse to give it away without getting anything in return.

For this reason, you and your team look for strategies that will allow users to trust your company and get something of value in exchange for their information.

The problem

Let’s take an example:

With your team, you create an e-book with valuable content to offer to your potential customers, and in order to download it, they have to complete a form on a landing page.

However, you notice that several people arrive at the landing page but do not complete the form, so the conversion rate is very low.

In addition, since there is no possibility of immediate and direct interaction, the users who get their e-book do not always become customers.

So you should start looking for new channels and strategies.


After consulting, you discover that in WOZTELL you can implement, through a template, a chatbot for WhatsApp that collects your potential customers’ data. And, when finished, sends the lead magnet in the WhatsApp conversation.

You can create an ad on social media with click to WhatsApp, or a click-to-chat on the lead magnet landing page. This way, the users can easily access a WhatsApp conversation.

Once there, a chatbot can ask them their name, last name, and e-mail (you will already have their phone number thanks to the conversation). And then send them the lead magnet.

The best of all?

Well, on the one hand, you’ll be able to store your customers’ data on the WOZTELL Data Source or export them in a document to import to your CRM.

On the other hand, you can send different lead magnet formats, for example, a PDF document with an e-book, a video tutorial, an infographic, etc.



Form conversIon rate


WhatsApp conversion rate


Downloads with form


Downloads with WhatsApp


Form conversion rate


WhatsApp conversion rate


Downloads with form


Downloads with WhatsApp

Good practices

Con WOZTELL es muy fácil implementar un chatbot de lead magnet que recopile datos y envíe un documento al final del flujo de conversación.

Hemos creado una plantilla que puedes personalizar fácilmente, lo único que tienes que hacer es descargarla, importarla en la plataforma y personalizar los campos.

chatbot whatsapp


People spend a lot of time on their phones and WhatsApp is their favorite channel to stay in touch with their friends and family. Also, 75% of WhatsApp users want to speak with companies on this channel

Using a chatbot to send your lead magnet on WhatsApp has a lot of advantages:

  • WhatsApp is a conversational platform: you can interact directly with your customers.
  • A chatbot works 24/7: your customers can ask for their lead magnet whenever they want to.
  • You collect the data of your potential customers on their favorite channel: they will feel that they are speaking with a friend and not with the boredom of filling in a form.
  • They will be able to view the content on their favorite device: whether it’s a video or a eBook, your leads will most likely view it on their mobile device.

So why not take advantage of all this and use WhatsApp to send your valuable content and convert leads into customers?

Install your template now!

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