Use case: KMV Spaces

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The Client

Industry: Real Estate
Company: KMV Spaces
Company size: From 50 to 200 employees
Implementor: Woztell

Description of the company:

Founded in 2016, KMV Spaces’ has only one vision: to revolutionize the way spaces are built in India. For the world’s fastest growing country, far lesser concentration has been placed on the kind of dwellings that are being erected across the nation.

Under the wing of KMV Group, spearheaded by Prudhvi Ram K, KMV Spaces started out in the city of Vijayawada, establishing a highly credited name with its luxury project KMV Vivaan in 2016, building world-class apartments and villas designed by WOW! Architects of Singapore. The homes have introduced spacious and futuristic living to the emerging city of Vijayawada, with large green terraces and sustainable systems.

The challenge

Merge Zoho CRM with WhatsApp Business tool.

KMV Spaces communications were done through traditional channels, mainly relying on e-mail. They attended several Woztell webinars and learned how the conversion and sales ratio can increase when using WhatsApp as a means of communication.

They were also looking for a way to integrate Zoho CRM into their communication efforts.

The main goal of using Woztell was to increase their sales and improve communication with their customers, to make it smoother and easier for their agents to manage.

The Solution

Conversation automation and follow-up management

KMV Spaces started using LiveChat to talk to their customers, now being able to make appointments and answer any type of questions efficiently.

Their agents started using templates to further streamline response time and were able to set up a follow-up system that makes customers feel supported and cared for at all times.

They also were able to update their old communication methods of e-mails and calls, centralize them with Woztell and make their way with one of the leading communication platforms: WhatsApp.

KMV Spaces Mobile

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