IWC Schaffhausen
Success Story

Developed by our partner Sanuker

The company has increased automation by getting most customers to buy directly via chat and decreasing phone calls

First chatbot in the watchmaking industry to promote branding and boost customer engagement

On average, a customer will play twice to compare the watch results and go deep down to different conversation paths

IWC Schaffhausen Chatbot Messenger
IWC Schaffhausen Chatbot Messenger

Partner: Sanuker
Company: IWC Schaffhausen
Industry: Watchmaking
Feature: Messenger Chatbot
Platform: Facebook Messenger

IWC Schaffhausen, is a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer located in Switzerland. IWC is a subsidiary of Switzerland-based Richemont Group. IWC is notable for being the only major Swiss watch factory located in eastern Switzerland.

What did IWC Schaffhausen need?

Promoting User Engagement & Branding

Do you know which watch best fits you? In 2017, IWC Schaffhausen rolled out the first chatbot in watchmaking industry to help watch lovers find out the best watch that fits their style and personality.

What was the solution?

Get User Attention with a Chatbot Game

Guiding the users through a 5-question short quiz, chatbot will calculate and suggest the most suitable watch based on the answers the users have selected.

They can share the watch result to friends or publish it onto the wall. They can also fill out to subscription form to keep themselves posted to IWC Schaffhausen’s latest activity.


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