Interview chatbot

With this chatbot you will be able to speed up the first stages of recruiting new employees.


As part of the human resources department you have many duties. For example:

  • Ensuring the well-being of employees
  • Conducting performance evaluations
  • Finding new employees


Among many other functions.

These responsibilities are time-consuming and sometimes involve repetitive activities, especially if we focus on managing candidate interviews.

The problem

When it’s time to post a job offer, several things happen:

  • You post the offer on multiple channels, which means you will receive applications through those and it is more difficult to follow up.
  • Job portals can be inefficient for both workers and employers.
  • Your inbox gets saturated with hundreds of applications from different job offers.


Seeing this situation, you decide to look for a better solution for better management.


At WOZTELL we have created a ready-to-use WhatsApp chatbot template specially designed for the recruitment process.

What can you do with this WhatsApp chatbot?

  • Present the job openings you have available with a button list message. Each option shows the position and a short description.
  • Send a more detailed description of the position the user is interested in.
  • If the user wants to continue with the process, they can send an application.
  • The chatbot will ask for basic data such as first name, last name and email and request the CV in any format.
  • The chatbot also asks questions that you can customize by configuring it.
  • All the information is saved in a Data Source that you can then export and import into your favorite system.

There are several entry points for candidates to interact with the chatbot:

  • Social media: you can include a link in the company’s social media posts.
  • Social media ads: if you decide to create an ad campaign to find new employees, you can include a click-to-chat button that directs to the chatbot.
  • QR code: if you participate in job fairs or similar events, you can print a QR code on flyers or posters that directs to the chatbot.


A WhatsApp chatbot can be your greatest ally during the first stage of personal recruitment. Let’s take a look at the benefits:

  • Younger generations are present in a conversational channel like WhatsApp, so it is easier to access them.
  • A conversation with a chatbot is a friendlier way to collect data than web forms.
  • You will have all the information organized in one place.
  • At the end of the conversation flow, the user receives confirmation that their data has been recorded.


 The results


Automation of first recruiting interactions


of applicants feel comfortable interacting with a chatbot in the early stages


Automation of first recruiting interactions


of applicants feel comfortable interacting with a chatbot in the early stages

Good practices

Every chatbot requires best practices to reach its potential. Here are some of them:

  • Report your terms and conditions policy. Besides being transparent, it is a way to comply with WhatsApp requirements.
  • Remember to write clear and concise messages.
  • Use emojis and natural messages to make candidates feel more comfortable.

 Step by step

Let’s see how to implement this chatbot so you can start using it in your WhatsApp channel.

Let’s start by editing the csv:

  1. When you download the template you will find two files, a json (the chatbot) and a csv (the document that has the information).
  2. Open the csv in an editor like excel or Google sheet and write the information about your job offers.
  3. Do not translate or change the column names.
  4. The title column is the name of the position and can have a maximum of 24 characters.
  5. The short_description column is a short description of the position and can have a maximum of 72 characters.
  6. Once you have all the data save the file in csv format.

Now let’s configure the chatbot:

  1. Go to the WOZTELL platform and click on Bot Builder and then on Import Tree. Select the json file you downloaded.
  2. In order to start using the chatbot you need to link it to your WhatsApp number. Go to Channels > Edit > Tree settings > New tree > Select chatbot > Select global nodes > Save
  3. To link the csv you just created, go to Data Source > New Data Source > Import > choose the file > enable parse JSON > import.
  4. Remember to copy the data source ID to paste it in the corresponding field in Config map.
  5. To create the Data Source where the data will be saved simply create a new one and copy the Data Source ID.
  6. In the right pane, in Tree Manager, go to the bottom under Config Map. There you must modify the following data:
    • DataSourceID: paste the data source ID of the data source where the data will be stored.
    • Job_offers: paste the data source ID containing the csv with the information.
    • Token: this code allows you to receive a multimedia file.


    To generate it go to Settings > Access Tokens > choose WhatsApp:getFile and api:Admin > click generate. Once you have the code copy and paste it into the Config Tree.

    7. In each node you can edit the message. First set the platform preferences to WhatsApp Cloud. Then just click on the node you want to modify and in the reply section in the content field you can write the text you want to send.

Lead qualification chatbot


With this chatbot you can automate the initial recruitment processes and get to know your job candidates better.

You get a way to automate the entire contact process, save the information you need and reduce your workload.

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Lead qualification chatbot
Lead qualification chatbot