Success story 

Developed by our partner Sagitaz. IMF is a professional business school, leader in higher education.

caso de exito- IMF
Company: IMF Business School
Industry: Education 
Function: Support chatbot
Platform: WhatsApp Cloud API

IMF was looking for a solution to alleviate the workload of its assistants and improve the performance of its virtual platform.


Professionals, especially in Europe and Latin America.


Proprietary training programs in online or on-site mode


Graduates around the world

Who is IMF?

IMF is a professional business school, leader in higher education.

Over 21 years it has trained more than 150,000 professionals and is present in more than 109 different countries, especially in Europe and Latin America.

IMF is Smart Education for people who lead change by making a real impact at all levels of society.

They are members of leading associations such as The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the Association of MBAs. In addition to collaborating with more than 5,000 leading companies in their sector such as Deloitte, EY, Great Place to Work or Indra.

They have more than 900 of their own training programs in online or classroom mode. They also have an innovative educational platform that includes technological tools so that students can connect from anywhere in the world.

IMF has a total of more than 140,000 graduates and an employability rate of 99%. Its mission is to guarantee access to a new international quality educational model, capable of generating value in society.

What did IMF need?

Improve communication with the student

he main objective was to improve communication with the student and facilitate their day to day life, in addition to:

  • Bringing the student closer to the company, being able to offer the exact information that the student demanded or needed.
  • Download the support channel.
  • Preventing many students from being left without an answer or taking a long time to get one.

At IMF they have developed a student portal so that students can get all the information they need about the courses and masters they offer. This information may include:

  • Doubts and questions about certain programs.
  • Acquisition of degrees.
  • Scholarship applications.
  • Jobs and internships.
  • Evaluation and grading management.

Due to the high volume of students, the customer service team needed help due to the high volume of daily queries on the platform.

In order to service all students immediately and correctly, it was imperative to find a solution that would automate the process, save costs and provide a good service to the student.

What was the solution?

Simplify processes and automate as many actions as possible.

What was proposed to IMF was that, from the student portal, there should be direct access to an interactive chatbot. A chatbot in which the student could access a tree of questions to be filtered until they reached the answer they were interested in.

Our partner Sagitaz, developed a chatbot based on a level 3 FAQ’s template (categorized questions and answers), organized in lists of messages and categories all the knowledge that the student could need.

The tool, once the requests were received and managed, integrated each of the conversations with the students with Zoho Desk within its customer service system.
La herramienta, una vez recibidas y gestionadas las solicitudes, dentro de su sistema de atención al cliente integraba con Zoho Desk cada una de las conversaciones con los alumnos.

With the chatbot all this is done automatically: it provides the answer to the students or sends them the link where they can find it.

here are some specific cases where it has been decided that due to the complexity of the query, it should be redirected to a support agent who answers them manually through the Zoho Desk support channel.

For more complex cases, a handover protocol to the support team has been established. The management is done manually through Zoho Desk.

In this way, the main objective of reducing the workload is met and a service that responds instantly regardless of schedules is offered.

The project is already activated and offers a complete chatbot that automates student support processes without requiring human intervention in most cases.

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