GT Studio
Success Story

Developed by our partner Sanuker

On 11 Dec 2018, we collaborated with the other GT Studio business units to kick-off the unprecedented “Single 9up O2O Matching Campaign”


Paid participants


Matched pairs


GT-Studio Single 9up Matching Chatbot
GT-Studio Single 9up Matching Chatbot
Partner: Sanuker
Company: GT Studio
Industry: Technology
Feature: Game, Matching, O2O
Platform: Facebook Messenger

GT Studio is created by GreenTomato, a mobile application service provider established in 2003. GT Studio is an innovation agency and technology venture builder based in Hong Kong.

GT Studio created Single 9up, and in the initial stage, we launched a matchmaking chatbot on the Facebook page to attract requests.

What did Maxim’s Cake need?

Successfully Pairing Couples

It has come to our attention that single people usually won’t go to cinema and watch movies alone. We would like to pair up singles through this campaign to help them find their movie partners so they can enjoy the movie time together.

What was the solution?

Utilising a Matching Chatbot for Better Matching

At the initial stage, we rolled out a matching chatbot on Facebook page to attract applications. Participants will need to go through the chatbot guidance to provide a selfie and an audio note to introduce themselves. They will be able to select their preferred maatching criteria as well. Participants need to pay HK$50 as an entry fee in order to successfully join the campaign.
GT-Studio Single 9up Matching Chatbot
GT-Studio Single 9up Matching Chatbot
At stage 2, participants will be given only one shot to select partners they would like to invite to the movie night. Pick like for yes and dislike for no. Once there is a mutual like between two people, they will be automatically matched.

At final stage, matched pairs will be invited to join the movie night hosted in Emperor Cinema at Central. They will enjoy the movie together, but not alone this time.