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Discover how a Mexican real estate agency managed to automate their WhatsApp messages with their leads for better management and increased sales.


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IS group
Company: IS Group
Country: Mexico
Industry: Real Estate
Features: Message automation
Platform: WhatsApp Cloud API

IS Group, a real estate agency in Mexico, was looking to manage the leads that came to their real estate agency quickly and effectively so that they could talk to them immediately and not let the contact cool down.

IS group
IS group

Who is IS Group?

IS Group is a real estate agency of high-end properties in prestigious areas of Mexico City.

The purpose of this real estate company is to meet the search needs of boutique properties in exclusive areas of Mexico City, one of the most important metropolis in Latin America.

IS Group markets properties valued at $1M on average.

Additionally, thanks to their experience in the real estate market, they noticed the lack of marketing agencies specialized in this sector.

For the same reason, they created their own agency called Pez Digital. This agency is specialized in the real estate sector and is focused on lead generation, their main clients are SMEs and growing companies.

What did IS Group need?

Manage leads quickly to be able to contact when they are hot.

IS Group’s main need was to be able to manage the leads that came to their real estate company in order to contact them in order to increase the chances of closing a sale.

During this period, they noticed a new problem: the leads were disappearing and for different reasons, they did not answer the emails and the communication was not efficient through other channels.

Once a user filled out a contact form or searched for information about a property, it took between 2 and 3 days before a salesperson contacted them.

This delay resulted in a low response rate to follow-up emails. The main causes being that they had already forgotten that they wanted information or had lost interest.

What was the solution?

Automate the sending of messages to leads and salespeople.

Through a YouTube search they found another supplier and WOZTELL. However, in the words of Eliot Mendez, Director of IS Group, they decided on WOZTELL because:
  • They had personalized attention and help that went beyond simply directing them to a blog article.
  • They had the accompaniment of a KAM that supports them and adds value.
  • They had 4 FREE meetings with experts to clarify doubts and configure solutions to their needs.
It was great. From 0 to 100 they take you through setting up your leads so that they come in the way you are looking for. It was spectacular.

Eliot Mendez – IS Group Director

Using WhatsApp Cloud API they were able to automate messages and connect everything to their Zoho CRM. In addition, with the native integration with Zapier they were also able to create automations for WhatsApp.

With these solutions every time a user contacts them an automatic WhatsApp message is sent to one of the salespeople informing them that there is a new lead. This way, the seller can get in touch immediately to solve doubts and schedule an appointment to visit the property.

On the other hand, the interested person automatically receives a personalized brochure about the property of their interest directly on WhatsApp.


in the management time of each lead

In addition, they have also been able to create an automation so that leads coming in through Facebook are automatically created in CRM.

The expert who supports you gives a lot of value because you can’t solve some cases in a text and each case is different and that’s why you need someone to support you.

Eliot Mendez – IS Group Director

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