Use case: Freshuk


The Client

Industry: Ecommerce
Company: Freshuk
Company size: 5-10 employees
Integrator: Woztell

Description of the company:

Freshuk’s story begins in March 2020 and is born from the collaboration of two partners with strong ties to their customers:

  • The Ben-Dor family. A family of farmers, veterans of settlement in the Galilee (since 1883), who to this day are managed by Sefi Ben-Dor and his son Ido Ben-Dor, a fifth generation of farmers in Israel.
  • And Yevula, run by the Eitan family and the Turgeman family, it is a family business with parents, sons, brothers and brides working together because they believe that connection and trust between people is the most important thing. They have been supplying fruits and vegetables to their customers for many years.

Since then, Freshuk has been working around the clock to provide their customers with excellent produce and impeccable service.

The challenge

Improve the current forms of communication to make them more efficient

Before using Woztell, Freshuk was managing customer messages on a single device, so they couldn’t distribute the workload and this slowed down their response rate.

As a family run business, they wanted to give their customers a feeling of proximity when placing their orders, and providing high quality service was extremely important.

The Solution

Automation and centralization of all conversations

Once they started using Woztell, they were able to communicate with their customers on multiple devices and distribute the workload to reduce their response time.

In addition, they were able to communicate with their customers on their preferred channel of communication, WhatsApp, and keep the close family feeling they pride themselves in.


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