How to use a Frequently Asked Questions chatbot on WhatsApp

How to use a Frequently Asked Questions chatbot on WhatsApp to improve customer satisfaction and save time


When you are part of a team that deals directly with customers or potential customers, you know that they always have questions, specially at the beginning of the purchase process.

And when your customers have questions they want an immediate solution so they can decide if they buy in your business or go somewhere else.

In fact, 82% of the customers think that an immediate response is very important when they have questions.

What does this mean for you?

It is as simple as: if you provide immediate answers your users will be happier. And this will encourage them to buy and come back for more.

The problem

To provide answers to your customers’ questions you hire agents for a call center in your company. Many of the calls are from people asking basic questions as opening hours, return policies, etc.

As the call volume is very high, wait times are also long and many users hang up before an agent can answer them.

Also, basic questions require time that the agents could invest in solving more complex and necessary inquiries.

La situación resulta en una pérdida de clientes y de ventas, por lo que necesitas encontrar otra forma de responder preguntas.


After some research, you find out that using WhatsApp Cloud API and WOZTELL you have all the tools to reduce the workload.

The combined features allow you to create WhatsApp chatbots through templates to interact with your customers and give them a great experience.

For this case, the Frequently Asked Questions is ideal.

This chatbot is a business favorite, and very useful when it comes to giving your customers immediate answers to their questions.

A Frequently Asked Questions Chatbot on WhatsApp has many advantages:

  • Works 24/7 for you and your customers.

  • Answers questions immediately.

  • Understands what they want.

  • You can transfer to an agent in case the customer needs it,

  • If you transfer to an agent, they will have the entire conversation history.

  • Reduce the call volume.

  • Eliminates waiting times

 The results


Click rate


Savings in customer services expenses


Of WhatsApp users want to communicate with companies using WhatsApp


Click rate


Savings in customer services expenses


Of WhatsApp users want to communicate with companies using WhatsApp

Good practices

At this point, you may now be thinking that an FAQ chatbot is what you need and want to know how you can implement it.

At WOZTELL we make things easy for you.

We have a FAQs chatbot template ready to use. The only thing you need to do is to integrate it on your WhatsApp channel and create the questions and answers template in a document.

 Step by Step

Here we tell you the step by step so you can start using your chatbot:

1. On the WOZTELL web page click on Template gallery.
2. Choose the FAQs template and download it.
3. Once you have the file, go to the WOZTELL platform and click on Bot Builder and then Import Tree. Choose the file that you downloaded.
4. To be able to start using the chatbot you must link it to your WhatsApp number: Channels > Edit > Tree settings > New tree > Select the chatbot > Select the global nodes > Save.
5. For your chatbot to be able to answer questions you must have a database of keywords and answers in the Data Source. To make this database you must import a .csv

*This document has 6 basic columns

  • Keyword group 1
  • Keyword group 2
  • Keyword group 3
  • Live chat
  • Question (is not mandatory on level 1)
  • Answers
    **Each keyword group is a segmentation. This means that if a question has the keyword from the group 1, the customer will receive an answer. And if it has a keyword from group 1 and one from group 2 the customer will receive another answer.

6. Copy the Data Source ID and paste it on the global variables.
7. On the global variables you can change your company’s name, and the Data Source link.
8. You can change the message you want to send on each node to adapt it to your needs.



Your customers have lots of questions and want inmeadite answers. With a FAQs chatbot this wont be a problem and it will be available 24/7.

With this chatbot you will eliminate waiting times. reduce the call volume and your customers will be less saturated. This will allow them to focus on the cases that need human attention.

A FAQs chatbot can help you improve your customers’ experience with your company and give them the answers they need in the moment they need it.

Download your template and start seeing results.

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