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Create unforgettable experiences with a chatbot that checks the knowledge of your students or customers


If you are part of an educational institution, quizzes are part of your daily routine.

But also if you have any other type of business, it is possible that you have ever made or thought of making a contest that evaluates the knowledge of your customers in order to give them a prize.

The question in these situations is what is the most appropriate channel to ask the questions and how to let each participant know their score quickly and effectively.

The problem

Let’s take a closer look at the two situations.

In the case of an educational institution, exams are an essential part of testing students’ knowledge. But, correcting them takes a lot of time, which generates stress for the teachers and impatience for the students.

In the case of a store, collecting data and answers from all the participants in a contest can be cumbersome. In addition, to reach as many customers as possible, you need a suitable channel.


WhatsApp is the most used conversational channel worldwide and this makes it the best candidate to carry out marketing strategies such as contests. But, it is not only that, it is also a channel that you can use to test your students’ knowledge.

Using WhatsApp Cloud API and WOZTELL you can create and link a chatbot that:

  • Carry out the questionnaire.
  • Send the score immediately.
  • Give the option to repeat the quiz.
  • Send a prize if the user answers everything correctly.
  • Save the participants’ information.

Let’s see how you can use it in each situation:

Educational Institutions

Let’s imagine it’s the beginning of the course and you want to know the level of your students.

With this WhatsApp chatbot you can set up a series of questions with multiple choice answers. Your students can access the chatbot by simply clicking on a link or scanning a QR code.

You can configure the chatbot to give the option to retake the exam as many times as they want. If you use the quiz + prize chatbot you can add a multimedia element to send in case they get all the questions right.


Regardless of the type of business you have, a contest is an original way to attract new customers and retain the ones you already have.

Let’s imagine you have a bookstore and you want to celebrate the launch of a new book in a saga. So, you decide to hold a quiz for your fans and test their knowledge. At the end of the quiz, if they answer all the questions correctly, you can send a discount coupon.

With this chatbot you can do it on your customers’ favorite channel and. as the chatbot automatically qualifies and sends the prize, you only have to worry about creating the question base.

 The results


response rate in interested audiences


of millennials have positive experiences with a chatbot


Satisfaction rate


Satisfaction rate


of millennials have positive experiences with a chatbot


response rate in interested audiences

Good practices

We’ve already given you a preview of the benefits, now let’s look at some best practices:
Use short messages and emojis. This will give more dynamism to your messages which will create better conversational experiences in any of the situations we reviewed.

At the beginning of the conversation flow include a message to accept the terms and conditions. This is essential to comply with WhatsApp policies.
Remember to inform the purpose of the questionnaire. Whether it is to evaluate a lesson or earn a discount voucher.

Event chatbot on WhatsApp


This exam chatbot can take the educational experience to the next level, but not only that. It is also useful for other industries, for example, when running contests to attract and retain customers.

Install your template here.

Event chatbot on WhatsApp
Chatbot de boletín en WhatsApp